Friday, August 12, 2011

How I broke my hand

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Did anyone try to guess how I broke my hand? One person on Facebook said something that made me go, huh?, nobody beat me up. I might be an author but my life is not that exciting yet, :) So what really went down? I'm sure some of you put two and two together from the pictures I used for the Confession Time post, helmet = biking = fall?

Yeah, that was what happened. Atala and I decided to go tandem (a longer than usual bicycle for two people) riding on one of the most glorious weekends Seattle experienced this uninspiring summer. We both ride bicycles, he more than I do obviously since he rides to work most days. (Remember when I blogged about his earlier bike being stolen, we never got it back BTW)

It was a beautiful day,  the lake was the same blue as the sky, the ducks were out with their ducklings...

People were taking advantage of the sun, out in boats big and small...

We weren't just showing off though, we actually rode 18 miles that day, 18 grueling hilly miles! Honestly, there were times I was almost like, let's head back. But just like there are hills, there must be valleys, so we were able to catch our breath, and a couple of times we hopped off and rested our butts too. 

The essence of our sojourn was a lake to lake jaunt. At the second lake, we saw this amazing swimming dog. He was playing with a ball which he liked thrown into the water...

Then he'll jump in after it and fetch it back. Dude is intelligent too, he has these strategies of coming back to the owner using the path of least resistance, you needed to see it...

Oh yeah, more posing...

Anyway, back to the fall, after enjoying the day, the ride, my companion, I got too cocky and decided to ride handsfree. I was encouraged when I saw another rider doing the same. Well, I forgot we were on a tandem and one of the basics of using that is that we had to be communicating every inch of the way. I was trying to convince Atala of the joys of handsfree riding and not paying enough attention to the riding when next thing, I felt myself flying through the air. I fell off the left side of the bike so my left hand got the brunt of it while trying to play Rambo, lol. It didn't hurt that bad, so Atala dusted me off and we continued the ride.

This picture was taken after the fall, and you can see I was still flexing the hand. However, the pain escalated as we kept riding, and by the end when we dropped off the tandem, my hand was swollen. So, off to ER we went, and you know the rest of it, including my colorful cast.

Lessons: Laughing in the face of danger sometimes lands you on your broken left hand. It may also nab you a lot more breakfasts in bed than usual, LOL...Atala has really been wonderful. And I want to thank everyone who has asked after my hand and everything, I appreciate you guys.

What next? The cast has obviously curtailed my athletic activities, but I'm going to see Sade this Sunday, and John Legend is opening. Double Whammy! Don't worry, you'll get to see the pics. :)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Mwah!


  1. its good you're getting to enjoy other things even while your arm heals. i guessed as much that it was a bike fall cos of the initial picture. have a great weekend

  2. Going to see a concert means you're putting up well with the hand. Don't worry, a few more weeks and it'll be all in the past.
    Have fun

  3. Awwww,the pictures r gorgeous!!!But i still don't belive that story!!!I have a more colorful conspiracy theory of "what reeeeeally happened"!!!*wink*wink*

  4. You and uncle knows how to have fun, this is a very romantic way to get injured if i must say so :D

  5. @Myne

    I know right the view of the lake is gorgeous, am almost about to say are you lying? I am so happy you are feeling much better, the concert sounds like fun already, I hope you have a BLAST!!!

  6. @Myne

    I know right the view of the lake is gorgeous, am almost about to say are you lying? I am so happy you are feeling much better, the concert sounds like fun already, I hope you have a BLAST!!!

  7. e-yaah! ride hide free ehn? :D

    Lovely! at the dog.

    take care.

  8. @Stelz, I knew some would guess cos I was still wearing the same clothes.

    @MsJB, thanks desr, I'm counting down the three more weeks, lol...

    TNotes, now you have to share this exciting tale. We've had a lot of "accidents" *wink* but never got hurt, lol...

    @9jaFoodie, it started off like that o, and then tori changed. All my fault.

  9. @Yankee, the lake was fantastic that day.

    @Ibhade, thanks dear.

  10. Oh my you actually went flying....sounds painful, sorry.
    Assumptions are so someone thought the mafia had got to you and beat you up

  11. Sorry about your hand injury... Hope it heals soon! At least you get some extra TLC from your hubby :)

  12. Aww... you both are super cute! Looks like it was lots of fun.

    Glad that your hand is okay, hope it gets back to normal asap!

    Have fun at the concert :)

  13. @GG, it's so funny, lol...

    @naijaamerican, thanks dear, I hope so too.

    @Blessings, Thank you so much, I echo the ASAP! lol...

  14. Oh no - it's always when I feel a little good at something that I end up doing something dumb. :(

    Heal fast and have fun at your concert!

  15. Awww what a way to end a beautiful day. Glad you're getting better though :D

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    Muse Origins

  16. Hope you heal quickly. At least you have a good story to tell about it. I had a hairline fracture in my arm once because I fell out of be reaching for the light! I felt really stupid.

  17. @Erica, thank you, I guess I've learnt my lesson now, :)

    @Adiya, Yeah, sucked that day, but the hand is much better now, thanks.

    @Kmckendry, thank you so much. Sorry to hear about your hand, I also felt like that, cos I thought the fall was avoidable, lol...

  18. so so sorry oh,thank God for Atala oh and glad you're hand is getting better,lemme see if I can fall on my left hand too,I need some romance.

  19. Thanks for sharing the pictures, but I came here expecting a story of hate for the blogfest. Oh well.

    If you get a chance, check out a fellow writer's zombie story and help me make him wear an embarrassing shirt next year! It's the ultimate grudge match between social media and the zombies. Details are here:

  20. Sorry about your hand.
    Came over from Tessa's blog for your I Hate You blogfest entry.

  21. Thank you Gretel. Be careful what you wish for, lol..

    @Diane and Kelworth, the blogfest story will be up tomorrow. Sorry.

  22. LOL... funny story. You are such a risk taker. I still remember the pictures from your hiking trip.... Thank God you only fell off a bike not a cliff :/

  23. I'm so sorry about your fall Myne, but at least you had I read about it earlier but wasn't chanced to comment and say sorry. I'm really glad you are feeling much better now. Have fun at the concert :)

  24. Thank you Prism and Shorty, and do have a good weekend too.

  25. awwww you guys are cute! I hope you got the back seat so Attala can do all the work. I am hating hard on Sade tickets, my GF saw her in DC said IT WAS PHENOMENAL!!

  26. if you know how you and Atala insire me ehh! I go love oo.

    Hope you are really giving the hand its needed rest. Take care alright?!

  27. @Ifunanya, how did you know? LOL...but on some of those hilly parts, I had to dig in.

    @Ginger, :) I'm glad. As for the hand, I'm trying o...

  28. LOLing at 9jafoodie... "a romantic way to fall" lol

    It is well with you ma.
    BTW, the bikes seem longer than usual or is it just me?

    The dog amused me... Must have been well trained I reckon.

    - LDP

  29. Good to know you are doing fine and the arm is healing fast!

    How was the concert? :)

    Have a blessed week ahead!

  30. @LDP, you're right, the bikes are longer than usual, they're for two people to ride at the same time.

    @Dee, thanks dear.

  31. LOLing at 9jafoodie... "a romantic way to fall" I love the Pictures :) . Glad your hand is healing. wow at the Dog.

  32. Lovely pictures and I see you're getting better. Enjoyed reading too :)

  33. Hope your hand is getting better? I dream of buying a pink bike but i don't know how to ride a

  34. the pictures are lovely. i cant remember the last time i saw pure blue water. All d lakes and rivers in 9ja r all dirty #sadmuch. hope your hand heals fast tho :) have a lovely week ahead

  35. Thank you guys, the hand is much better.

    @Sting, did you ride as a child? then I think you can easily ride again.

    @Msinfamous, you're right, especially the rivers. bar Beach is not so bad.

  36. All, thanks for commiserating with Myne. Hopefully, the cast should be off, soon.

    @Ifunanya, Myne really did do the work climbing those hills o! At first, I thought that she was slacking. But when she decided to stop pedalling for a brief moment, I realised that she had definitely been helping out - my pedalling became more laboured, I began to huff and puff and become all woozy, and if she hadn't resumed pedalling again, who knows - there might have been two of us wearing casts today. :)

  37. Hahahaha.

    Myne, I'm sorry, but I cannot help but laugh. You thought you have arrived ehn? LOL! My only regret now is that there's no video to show us exactly what you mean.

    By the way, seeing as you already have comment moderation, can you please allow comments from url users?? I'm no longer on Blogger, and I still have to leave comments as if I'm on Blogger :-(

  38. Oh wow! I'd like to try riding a bike for two people one day! I hope your hand heals soon. Lovely pictures :)

    Nogo xx


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