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The Face of Babs - help me decide

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It's a new week, people, do I have some goodies for you! :)

I said on the last excerpt that you guys should expect a Babs side of the story soon but when I got ready to share another snippet from my WIP, I got into a debate with myself on the picture to use for him. I want you guys to help me decide.

To be honest, my male lead in this work in progress started life as Wale, he was supposed to be one of the side characters from A Love Rekindled (Kevwe's roommate in Uni). Back then, his namesake, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje - previously of LOST, was my visual cue.

And then the name changed to Babs and Dunni started praising his smile, and it was Hakeem Kae-Kazeem that came to mind. I confess I fell in love with his smile when I saw him as the male lead in INALE, a romantic folktale from Nollywood.

But wait, I was doing my rounds one day while writing and one blogger, I think it was Lady Ngo, was listing her chocolate addictions and included Idris Elba. I decided that he did actually have a cute smile and since then, he sometimes crops up when I think of Babs.

So who should be the face of Babs?

PS, some of you may know that Boris Kodjoe is my number one eye candy. Unfortunately, he doesn't make this list, not because there's anything wrong with his smile, but he's not dark enough. :)


  1. Well this is a tough one for me because I really have a soft spot for Hakeen. he was one of the very first Nigerans to grace our local sitcomes and he did a lot of hilarious ads too. So that's where my heart is but the hormones are definitely with Idris. LOL

  2. I can picture Idris a lot easier in that opening scene...

  3. They all look VERY yummy to me!

  4. 1. I choose pix 3.
    2. I choose pix 3
    3. I choose pix 1.

    They are all very lovely by the way,but the ones i chose are the best in my own opinion.

  5. Adewale for Babs! I like Idris and all but not for this.

    Hakeem, nothing against you. I am just seeing you for the first time and you haven't had a chance to grow on me.

  6. idris! idris! idris! all the way

    he is just too gorgeous and yummy

    my hubby shldnt see this


  7. Idris (dearest eye candy bicep filled hunk) is one of my favourite actors, and also coz he is a Brit like me, I feel we have a lot in common ...he he he but somehow I feel Guy no 1 (Wale) for this particular role...
    Shame about Boris Kodjoe's complexion but the man is too mush mhen.... :)
    Myne what of Lance Gross?

  8. Oh, my heavens, Idris all the way, baby. I just watched a movie with him in it the other night - "The Losers". Hands down - Idris Elba.

  9. Ha'an everyone is saying Idris, me I choose Picture number 1 sha.

    Myne I want to send u a mail, can I please get the email address to send it?

  10. @Gospel Girl, I'll have to look for Lance Gross, doesn't sound familiar.


    Thanks everyone, Idris is pulling ahead. OK.

  11. I like the guy in the last set of pictures.

  12. These are my faves:

    Mmmm, yummy!

  13. oh, MAN!!! Tough question! I love love LOVE Meestah Eko (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje)... he was my favorite character on L O S T... but at the same time, I really like Idris, too.

    I still love Mr. Echo. And if he's your first face...

    oh, I don't know~ :D <3

  14. guy 1,ever since i watched him on get rich or die trying and his actions to 50 cent I hate him,so I'm voting
    idris *licks lips

  15. @Gretel, LOL...

    Idris is the winner.

  16. I always thought Idris was F.I.N.E
    but Hakeem...That smile...that skin... *Fans self*
    Where has he been all this while? lol

  17. All sweet n yummy but I will go for Hakeem.....Taye Diggs my kinda man,but not on the list.


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