Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Don Jazzy/ DBanj Oliver Twist Phenomenon

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Or you can call it the Nigerian takeover of Youtube. A few weeks/ months ago, all the rage was planking, and that was just for fun o. Can you imagine the foolywang that will ensue now that people will be paid for jonzing? I'm sure most of you guys have heard of the Don Jazzy and Dbanj's Talent Contest where the winner can get up to $2500 in cash?
Record a video clip of yourself or your group dancing/jonzing, upload to YouTube and email the link to oliver@mohitsrecords.com
It’s that simple.
1st Prize: $2500
2nd Prize: $2000
3rd Prize: $1500
4th Prize: $1000
5th Prize: $500
Top 10 entries will be part of the Official Oliver video
Top 50 gets a FREE Koko Mobile Handset
I've always believed it was a matter of time before the number of Nigerians on the social media platforms exploded, and the success of my books through blogs and Facebook seemed to bear me out. Recently, Nmachi Jidemma of CP-Africa called for more connected Nigerians to start blogs arguing that writing about day-to-day Nigerian life will overwhelm our reputation for internet fraud. Akin of NigeriansTalk responded that Nigerians cannot write good enough English to speak of blogging. When we discussed these posts, Atala made the very valid point that vlogging (video blogging) did not require one to know how to write English.

Fast forward to the tail end of last week and the above announcement by Dbanj and his group. Talk about vlogging raised to power 10, and you don't even have to say a word. Even simpler, you don't have to look intelligent or smart. Who knows, maybe the opposite will snag you the prize! So, while I don't know that this is what Nmachi had in mind, it is certainly going to provide a new influx of Nigerians and Nigerian content onto the interwebs; Youtube primarily with sharing via Twitter and Facebook.

OK, after all the turenchi, am I tempted to do an Oliver video? LOL...no comment, for now. What about you?

Finally, I have seen almost 20 videos thanks to Gistdotcom, and I don laugh tire. I won't post up the more stupid clips, you can go over to the Oliver entries Sisi Yemmie found and check out # 1, 2, 10, 13, and more. Below are three of the clips that I actually liked on order of preference.

I like that this guys went around several spots in Lagos and actually labelled the places.

Some thought obviously went into the video, and one of them reminds me of Atala, guess which one?

They move around LA, and choreography wasn't too bad either.

Enjoy, and have a fab week. Mwah!
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  1. I didn't see anything ooo...rotflmao..Yea..that's the power of insight and money.. very important!!! But if ii see your Oliver video i'm telling on you oooo

  2. This thing will soon turn to virus o..

    Ma, you too caught the planking bug???? haha. You crack me up! An an advocate of technological development in developing countries, I love the way social media is advancing in the shores of our motherland... Nice :)

    - LDP

  3. OMG! Myne 'planked'? huh.....*lips sealed*

    Social Media sure is powerful n has its pros n cons.....but I think it does more good than harm.....yours truly has found it very beneficial :)

  4. Myne, you planked? Okay oh.

    Re the dancing.....I don't even have the energy to comb my hair LOL

  5. lol that first video is cracking me up. nice one!

  6. Hahahah...Ms Mayne planking? I didn't see that coming.lol.
    Re: Oliver twist, I think they are doing a good thing by giving back and it's definitely a brilliant ad campaign for the don jazzy crew.

  7. LOL myne planking...hahahaha
    i actually saw the videos on sisi yemi's blog..too funny
    i really like this backyard crew o...them try

    i think the guy on the left looks like ur hubby

  8. LOL Myne planking?? Ok o!

    Mehn those oliver videos on Sisi Yemmie's blog are something else. I like the first video here tho.

  9. Oh my ... you also planked? he he he
    I like the first video, its so funny and I get to see some parts of Naija, increasing my Geography knowledge lol

    By the way dunno if you realised that it was me that was following u on Twitter as GospelGirlxoxo ...

    Lucky fish, u saw Sade... glad you enjoyed. :)

  10. Myne, you planked?! And you seemed so serious too...LOL! Well, we might see your own Oliver entry soon *fingers crossed*

    The guy with the glasses in the 2nd video wearing the camo shorts looks like Atala ...

    This Oliver Twist-ing has definitely gone viral...This should be interesting...

  11. Thanks for the comments guys, I guess my reputation is shot now? :)

    @Gospel Girl, I'm following you now, didn't realize.

    @Relentless, that's the one! LOL...

  12. LOL! Oh, Myne! You, too!!!! Everyone's planking. It's hilarious. Good luck w/the contest! <3

  13. Myne, u didnt put up the funniest videos. I saw one where two ladies dressed in Agbada did the stripping thing. It was hilarious... But i love the creativity of the 'Backyard' boys.

    However, the response shows that lots of Nigerians are into the online social networking thing and i'm quite impressed.

  14. Lol. Myne Whitman planking? Na wa o! I can't seem to get into that kinda stuff. But this Oliver Twist contest is proving to be quite interesting...

  15. Myne LOL! I can't believe my eyes hahahha. I can imagne tho, not when that's all you see everywhere.
    Like this Oliver craze, I need to be very careful with watching 24/7, otherwise you just might see one from yours truly :)
    Donjazzy did a good job though, most people don't even get to see the youtube channels by Nigerians and this is really helping to change that. At least they can know Nigeria is a country LOL

  16. The Backyard crew tried o. LOL!! And they have time! Must have been all fun and laughs. Plus Don Jazzy should really consider getting assistant judges now cos he's got a lot of video-watching to do.

  17. OK, I think I'll be removing that picture very soon. LOL...

    @MsJB, exactly! YOu should do one though.

  18. The videos were quite funny but not really my cup of tea if I'm honest, so please don't hold your breath!

  19. What happened to your planking photo, where is it now? Did Atala tell you to take it off? It was very funny ooo.

    Can you tell Linda that I had to quickly 'jump off' her blog due to a warning from my PC? It normally happens when she uses other contents from another website.

    Got to be safe online. I did not protect my PC from intrusion for nothing. E get as e bi.

  20. This Oliver twist thingy is kinda like a big deal. didnt think much of the song when i first heard it but now i'm starting to like it more (can u blame me?)lol

  21. oh no i missed ur planking photo...u have to send it to me specially ;)

    i need to grab my popcorn and watch this videos when i find the time at HOME. (just got caught watching the middle video in the office)

    it is the guy on the left that looks like Atala! lol

  22. Hmmmmm,Oliver.Well,the videos are nice and i saw some very funny,crazy and even amazing videos on youtube.Don Jazzy is doing a very good job.

  23. @Anonymous, I removed the picture myself, surely I'm allowed? :)

    @Swapqueen, LOL...you will have to pay for that privilege o. And you're right about the Atala look alike...

    @9jagreat, so true. I was almost addicted at a point, hahaha...

  24. This contest was a brilliant one. Lots of funny videos! Good clean fun.

  25. I am not moving with the times. Thanks for keeping me current Myne! I only watched the first one (limited bandwidth) and I really liked it.

    I like it when people are not scared of having fun even when they look silly doing so.

  26. just saw the Oliver Twist video of a disabled girl and her friends. I've never seen anything like it. Great ability in disability


  27. It's so hilarious right, been watching it all day and can't stop laughing myself, thanks for sharing...lol

  28. They are hilarious been watching them almost everyday now...if i was a judge i'd vote for the girl with one leg...she basically shows we can do all things if we try disability is not a factor

  29. Myne you should def do an oliver video!!! wooohoooo

  30. @Blessing, LOL...

    @Koinonia and Yellow Sisi, I totally agree.

    Thanks for all the comments.

  31. oh! i now know better..wondered what all the dancing for was about...just one week of MIA and i missed a lot?.

    vlogging?..new word chei?

    good english?...i hear even some whites can't do better either..so 9jas should be given a break o jare....as long as one can communicate & be understood... practice make perfect.

  32. tnx pls My backyard crew nids ur vote. pls vote here: www.mohitsrecords.com/oliver50

  33. Myne, I missed the planking pishoor! Going to look for it once I'm done making my comment. My best so far is the Backyard crew! Can't dance for **it, but their sense of humour and imaginative prowess is fantastic - making gold out of nothing. My favourite person is the guy who's always raising his hand in the background. They definitely deserve a prize. Thanks for this one. Oya lef me make I go fin ya plankin'!

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