Saturday, July 16, 2011

Picture Weekend - On the trails of the Grand Canyon

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Hope everyone is having a nice weekend? Thanks for all the comments on my 400th post, answers to the questions will be up next week. Today, I'm going to break my rule of adding commentary to pictures today, after all, rules are meant to be broken, right? Like when you clearly see the Danger Sign and decide to go one step beyond it and then dangle off the edge of a cliff. Yeah, that's me. Please do not try this at home, LOL...

I can be a very level-headed person, but I used to be, and can still be, quite mischievous, and watching Lion King as a teenager, my favorite line was from young got it...
Danger? Hah! I walk on the wild sideI laugh in the face of danger. Ha ha ha ha! ...
So while we were at the Grand Canyon, I don't know what happened. It might either have been the awesomeness of the views or Atala's fear of heights, but I was having so much fun giving in to my wild side. You know sometimes you have to chuck all your fears to the side, and grab life full frontal in order to get the best out of a particular experience. It was amazing!

I encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone once in a while and do something they can either learn from, or simply have fun doing. And here's a special shout out to all winners at the Blog Awards, NIL, 9jaFoodie, Feistypen, Sisi Yemmie, Chutzpah woman, Sting, Omojuwa, Linda Ikeji, etc...una well done o, where is the party at? :)

Have a great weekend everyone. More pictures when you click read more...


  1. Wow!!! You both are so adorable and what an adventure! I love when you post real pictures, it makes it so much fun...nice one Myne!

  2. were brave to stay at the edge of that cliff o,lol. And you're so right about leaving our comfort zones once in a while so that we can have fun or learn.
    have a great weekend

  3. Are you really standing at the edge like that??? Nne, you try o. Pictures are lovely....

  4. Yes oh....I agree with leaving your comfort zones BUT ....and a big BUT....I will only take calculated risks LOL
    Me + cliff + edge ...can never appear in the same sentence LOL

  5. How awesome is that canyon? WOW

  6. you are some brave somebody...edge of the cliff... I would never try that, lailai.

  7. hmmmmmm...... out of comfort zone huh, well honey am not about to dangle off of nothing voluntarily, like Atala I am afraid of heights. I might dare to take a picture but only if I am strapped in and held there by a 20 ton crane.

    Glad you having fun.
    Peace and blessings to you and yours.


  8. LOL...I promise I've got my sanity back more cliff edges.

  9. Hi Myne-

    I'm Judd Corizan from the blog Sunday Stealing ( Every week we rip a meme off someone's blog. Today we chose yours from July of 2010. We give you full credit and link back to your blog. The great thing is that a lot of previous "victims" such as yourself have become regular players! We usually publish the blog between 1 and 3 PM EST Saturday. We usually get between 40 to 60 people who play and comment on each others responses. And a lot of our players are previous victims of our theft like you! We hope you play along in the weeks to come! Thank you and have a great day...


  10. MYNEEEEE,yhu wan fall,I feel like telling yhu,yhu are on yhur own. :D
    yhu and Atala look sweet.

  11. Adventure! That is the word! WoW!

    That picture with your hubby is beautiful! God bless you both!

  12. That first picture looked scary. I think i'm scared of heights too. I just want to drop to the ground and not move.

  13. I feel him oh, cause i'm not for heights! But i definitely feel you too about being daring. So interesting :D

    Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)
    Muse Origins

  14. Looks like good fun.

    True talk, "Fear has its use but cowardice has none", abi?

  15. i love the way you visit places with your hubby and take pictures..really nice!!! u'd have a lot of sweet memories in future :)

  16. ah Myne!!!!
    where u sitting at d edge of the grand canyon
    that one has passed getting out of comfort zone oh

  17. Thanks for all the comments.

    @IMW, true talk/

    @ Nikki, I agree and that's why I love taking pictures.

  18. "You know sometimes you have to chuck all your fears to the side, and grab life full frontal in order to get the best out of a particular experience"

    I agree...

    Such lovely photos, I must admit.

    - LDP

  19. lovely pictures...would love to get on that edge too sometime..

  20. Myne! What?! Let's just say that the models at ANTM have got nothing on you with that "dangerous pose".
    That's so daring!
    You sure had fun

  21. She loves to live on the edge *wink* *wink*

    You be correct chic joo. See how it gives the picture a certain air. love it! Stop giving Atala heart attack o..

  22. U bold gan!
    Nice pictures! The grand canyon is definitely on my list of 'things I want to do.'

  23. you did what????

    MW, you still be really 9ja! .hahaha

    lovely pics.

  24. Lovely pics you got there!


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