Saturday, July 9, 2011

Picture Weekend - Book Reading at the Redmond Library

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So I was booked to do a book reading and discussion at one of the Libraries in our area. They recently stocked both of my books, A Love Rekindled and A Heart to Mend and were impressed by the interest in them from the members. Anyway, it was a lovely outing and even though only five people in all turned out, I had fun discussing with them in a more intimate and personal way. I even made a new fan/friend, lol...

PS. My hair is growing, right? Time to find something to do to it. Any suggestions?


  1. 100 or 5 people as long as you had fun and met a friend..its all good (atleast that's what my grandmom would say..and trust me she is a wise woman *smiles*) ur hair looks just great..i have been wanting to take mine motivation just went up a notch..
    IDEA; straighten the front and add some cornrows ..i am sure u'll rock the style..

  2. All publicity - especially good publicity - helps as they say...

  3. Rust geek got it. At least in their archives, on their website, your name is gonna be listed.

    Meanwhile I love the fact that you rocked an African print. Keep it flying!
    p.s. my hands are itching to weave your hair!!

  4. Love the dress
    Like Rustgeek said......At least you got good publicity. Good job Myne

  5. yeah, 9jamum, love the dress... weldone & good luck ....the hair? have you tried DIDI or simple weaving?

  6. I agree with Damilola and Rustgeek.

    The dress is pretty.

    For your hair, maybe try two strand twist, twist out, bantu knots, or box braids :-/

  7. blessings and congrats on the book signing and getting stocked on the library shelves. At libraries here (toronto canada) we can ask to have a particular author, well it was so in the past, haven't been to the library in a while. I'll make a visit and if they still have that option, I'll ask to Myne Whitman. .... Though we do have authors of African lingeage it is few and far between.

    take care...
    congrats again and have a wonder filled weekend.

  8. Thank you all, it was certainly a nice outing.

    Damilola, that sounds like an idea. Simple and doable. I usually just use a ruffle to take it back.

    Rustgeek, thanks dear.

    Ginger, African Print is all the bee's knees now, lol. And yeah, I wish you were here too. Awoof braids...

    NIL, thank you so much.

    @Ibhade, I do simple weaving myself sometimes, that's why it's so blown out, but it doesn't look really neat.

    @Prism, I wish I knew half of what you've listed. I need to do some research I guess.

    @Rhapsody, that would be great if you can do that, I'll really appreciate it. :)

  9. Beautiful dress!

    Do any hair style you know you will be comfortable in.

    Stay blessed and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  10. yay @ your book outing. congrats - the numbers shall grow. we start from somewher eeh?

  11. Love your afro.
    You look so pretty:)

    Hmm let's see, a nice twist out to define the curls will suit you and will be a nice new look.
    With your favourite hair products, (oils, creams, styling mousse...) twist the hair(like you'd do normal twisting) then leave it to dry out(best to do it overnight)
    Loosen the twists and style it as desired. You'll have a curly fro. You can accentuate it with hair accessories too like you did here.

  12. One hot madam, love the hair and doing great for real..:=)

  13. Thank you Dee, and you too!

    @Angelsbeauty, yes o, :)

    MsJB, thanks for that detailed suggestion. I have some mousse and so I think I'll give it a try.

    @YNB, thanks, na small small.

  14. go over to youtube for hair tips..there are ALOT!!!!

  15. Love the dress! Love your hair, it's growing. You don't like braids?

  16. Thanks Chizzy and CB, I'll check out Youtube. My problem with braids is that it takes too long.

  17. congrats on the book reading/signing.*thumbs up*lol.
    The numbers will definitely grow. Just know that this is just the beginning.
    For your hair, i like MsJB's suggestion. It's close to what I would suggest. You can also check on Youtube for 'Kimmaytube channel' or Rustic Beauty. I think they have a lot of information (both theory and practical) for natural hair.

  18. For MsJB's suggestion, i think its easier to try out her tip with wet hair. You can confirm from Youtube i.e. the Kimmaytube channel.

  19. Oh yeah your hair IS growing. Glad you had a good time and got to discuss your book :)

    Adiya (formally the corner shop)

  20. Thanks Stelzz, will check that out.

    @Adiya, I'm always glad to talk about my writing, so that was real good fun, :)

  21. Love your hair!! beautiful dress look great :)

  22. 5 is not a small number Myne. Connecting with them is the essence... one person can be ur announcer to thousands or even millions... nice dress match with the shoes :)

    - LDP

  23. Wish I had hair like yours that grows pretty quick. I'm the opposite. Braids would be nice and it suits you too.

  24. Thank you Nikisho, and LDP, I appreciate.

    @Adura, thanks dear, well see what happens.

  25. You certainly look like you had fun, 5 people regardless. As to what to do with your hair, ahhhhh! I don't know o! Braids, maybe...I can't think of anything else. I like the afro though :-)

  26. Your hair is looking lovely! Congrats on the book signing! Onwards and upwards!


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