Friday, July 22, 2011 - Permission Denied

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Please is it just me or is everyone else locked out of Madame Sting's blog?

If it's just me, I don't know what I've done o, somebody talk to me.

Sting, are you there?

If it's not me, anybody know what's going on?

Her last post was titled clarification.

What was she clarifying?

Yes I be gbeborun...


Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. She said a couple of days ago that she's been in a bit of a funk and that she might lock her blog for a lil bit. I guess she went through with it.

  2. Thanks LadyNgo. I was away for the last few days.

  3. I think everyone is denied permission... I am gbeborun too like you.

  4. Well, how come when i locked my blog nobody noticed, so no one even come to check on me...that's exactly how people die & they're completely forgotten in 2wks

    Anyway, its not only you that's locked out...i only hope she's fine

    & you, Myne, how u dey?

  5. She will come around. Try and email her MM to find out how she is doing. I will try and look for her email to do same!!!

  6. @Lara, thanks dear.

    @Baroque, you did? LOL...I confess I didn't know. I'm fine dear, hope you're good too?

    @Standtall, I'll try to o that.

  7. Hi Ms Myne, she said something about taking some personal time and locking her blog up.

  8. LOL at "is it just me, what have I done wrong. what was she clarifying"

    That was funny. Were you scared that she posted some nasty things about you? Hahaha. You know Madame Sting sometimes doesn't mince her words...

    Lady Ngo and the rest are right. She said she was a bit bored with her blog and that she might change her settings to invited readers only.

  9. LOL Myne....
    I believe others have answered

    LOL also @Baroque !

  10. loll @baroQue,sorry baby.hope she's fine oh

  11. I'm fine Myne. Just cleaning some mental cobwebs. Thanks for asking. Thanks everyone.

  12. Thanks Sting, I'm glad you're OK.


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