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Frequently Asked Questions: Comparing Createspace and Authorhouse

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First off, I know this FAQ series is not for everyone but please bear with me and those who may find it useful. My replies are not meant to be gospel or comprehensive, they're only from my experience. Do feel free to chip in your own thoughts in the comments. Today's post is another question I get asked quite a bit since my second book, A Love Rekindled was released via Createspace.


Hi Myne,
I have a collection of short stories published as Ebook. I am thinking of publishing it in hard copy but I don't even know where to start. I am currently working on a novel. I just want to know stuff about publishing in hard copy. I just knew you would be able to advice me due to your wealth of experience. Thanks & God bless u.



There are several ways of self-publishing the paperback of your books. I have used two of them myself and went for the second after I was not fully satisfied with the first.


I would say it was much easier going with Createspace than Authorhouse, especially on being able to have a more affordable book. When you go with the least expensive publishing package, both are about the same price at an average of $600. My biggest issue with Authorhouse is that cost of producing your book which was around $10 for me, and also this price is fixed so you can't change it along the line. This translates to highly priced books and especially if you want to get any appreciable royalty.

On both I went with the paid-for service and did not have to worry about interior layouts or cover design issues. However Createspace has a completely free option where you design the cover, interior and do everything else yourself. The publishing consultants at CS were helpful and the customer service always on call. However I was a bit impatient with their time lags when any change needed to be done, it is usually 5 working days and no earlier. That said, that give me the leeway to be sure of what I really wanted.

The only drawback for me so far is that they only sell on I had assumed this meant all the Amazons like AH did for me, but CS is basically American. They said my book may later be for sale on and others but I won't be getting the Amazon royalty but the third party one which due to my low price is almost next to nothing. I have complained about this to them and hopefully with time, they will rearrange it. The good part about them too is how responsive and willing to meet you halfway the staff generally are.

One final thing to remember is that bookstores will rarely stock your book as they regard CS and Amazon as competitors. And it's not just CS, they do not like Print on Demand books because it's usually non-returnable so this also affects Authorhouse and most other self publishers/vanity press. I later learnt that a way to go behind this is to also publish with Lightening Source at the same time since they distribute with Ingrams which the bookstores use.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with the book.


  1. I like the fact that you are encouraging up coming writers. Well done and stay blessed!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Hi! Just thought you'd like to know that this: "The only drawback for me so far is that they only sell on" isn't true if you pay a small fee of $36. Which is pretty great if you do all the work yourself. I pubbed my poetry with createspace, paid this small fee, and now it's on all of the Amazon outlets, Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, plus MORE. :o)

  3. woww,Myne you have helped more than one person oh,I'm busy planning to publish next year yet I know nada about this,now I need more help.

  4. Firstly wow...well done, just read your previous post about your books doing so well in UK and Canada...yay for you :)

    It's always great to hear about the different options for publishing, so thanx for sharing your experiences.

  5. This is definitely an eye opener. Thanks for sharing this, Myne.

  6. This was a very interesting post, I too am on the verge of publishing a book and do not know which site or company to go with. I just had a chat with an author house representative and she confirmed that B&N does not sell books published by Amazon, if you go through Authorhouse though, the book is published through them and therefore sold on both Amazon and B&N.
    My only worry is the retail price; my books are full colour recipe books and a retail of 31.99.- is something I personally would not pay so I doubt others would. I also do not see many books over 25.- unless they have hundreds of recipes in them and are extremely well done..

  7. I've published one color children book with authorhouse. Their production and illustrations are exceptional, compared to createspace. Create space pricing is a little better but the up front money for a complete package is double. People don't mind paying for quality. You can check my website.

    1. This is to correct my website.


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