Saturday, July 30, 2011

Confession Time

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Yes, I've been keeping something from you all along, two things actually.

1. I have started on my third book *big grin* and I'm over 20,000 words after a month. It's a bit slow going for my liking but my next secret will reveal why. Anyway, I've decided to start sharing some bits of the first draft here with you guys starting this Monday. I hope you like it. This also means that I'll be cutting back my posts to maybe just twice a week cos the story is really calling me to finish it. What are the particulars? Below is a pitch I made to an agent recently.

Title: One Night Only
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Word count: 23,000 (so far)
Author: Myne Whitman

While in Nigeria, fiery Dunni is seduced by the perfect smile of local lothario, Babs, and starts a holiday romance. But their sizzling affair soon matures into something deeper as Babs proves he’s more than just a hot body. When Dunni finds out that he may have gotten someone else pregnant, will their fledgling love survive Bab’s decision to face up to his responsibilities?
What do you think? Sound interesting? Well, come in on Monday for the first installment, and remember, it's all about feedback, the harsher, the better. Like I do also, the first person to comment on any the WIP posts get their choice of the eBook of any of my previous novels.

2. I broke a bone in my left hand and it has been in a splint for the past week. Did you miss me on your blog? Did you see my comment but it was on the brief side? Now you know why. It takes me almost three times the usual time to type things with one hand. The technicians that wrapped up the hand warned me not to use it at all, and I'm trying. I was afraid I would be totally incapacitated but it's been manageable. Atala has been great, doing more around the house and he helped me type out some of my posts this past week (some were scheduled already).

I'll be seeing the orthopedics this week to find out if the fracture is healing well, or a full cast is required. Help me pray that I won't need the cast, this splint is driving me crazy with the weight, the dry skin, itching and all.

Have a nice weekend and see you on Monday. Mwah!


  1. awwww :( Feel better soon xoxo.
    Look forward to reading the WIP. Good luck :)

  2. Eh what happened now? So sorry to hear that! I hope you don't need to get a cast biko.

    Meanwhile, the book sounds interesting already. I'll try to come around on Monday
    All the best!

  3. awwww! Get well soon oh. Looking forward to the read about the new novel. the story line looks like its gonna be a must read.

  4. OMG! Kpele! I pray the fracture heals fast IJN! Nndo!

    I trust you to make your new book very interesting... Well done and keep up the good work.

    Rest that hand o! Stay blessed!

  5. Ndoooo. Can I send my e-autograph on the POP? It will read 'Soonest recover' ala Shina Peters :)

    Have you tried a dictaphone? it could help..

  6. Sorry about breaking a bone in your left hand, that must to hurt!!! Hugs! I hope you feel better. On the brighter side of things, your third book is another mile stone to begin with, really!!! A third book, congratulations

  7. Myne pele, I hope it heals well and fast. Congrats on starting your third book!

  8. ewooooo,I can imagine the pain,cheii,kpe(sorry in my dialect),speedy recovery and I'm thrilled to hear about a 3rd book,more grease.
    see you on mondat,triple mwahhh and Atala you're too much ehn.

  9. Congrats on the new book...can feel your excitement. Dont worry, you'll be fine. The hand is still needs to type many more books!!!! sorry and a speedy recovery

  10. Get well soon!!! And congrats on the book progress!

  11. wow...pele. Get better soon soon...
    for a sec, I thot the second secret was...

    "I'm preeegnaaant"

    V. excited about the next book. It sounds interesting.

  12. Sorry oh; Hope you heal soon and looking forward to Monday.

    Finally. I got my copy of ALR.

  13. Ha Ndo o,biko get well soon. I pray quick healing for u and God bless Atala so much :),he's the man.
    You won't wear a cast in Jesus name amen

  14. Feel better. Congratulations on the book, I am looking forward to reading more :)

  15. Hang in there M.W
    Don't stress that hand too much. Cheers!

  16. I hope u feel better. Looking forward to the book installments. I have 3 weeks before school starts so i can be a part of this :)

  17. Awww...Praying for a speedy recovery, Myne. And you take it all easy :)...that's the nurse in me giving that advice (lol). Blessings...

    P.S: congratulations on starting a new novel. It''ll be even way better than the other two. Up to the charts again...all the way to the top!

  18. take it easy dear, it'll heal up nicely in no time.

  19. Awww awww! Sorry about your hand X_x But yaaaay on your book. Sounds really real, you know? Can't wait to read it :D

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  20. Aww pele...You were missed oh..

    As for the book..I am looking forward to reading it...I shall be repentant

  21. Hope you feel better soon myne..sorry ehn..Congrats on your new book :)

  22. Aww, so sorry to hear that Myne. I do hope your hand heals soon.

    Yay to the "secret".


  23. Myne you don do am again o, a third book? Now now, when we have not even gotten over the second one, well done.
    Sorry about your hand, I hope it heals soon o. Cos we wanna have fuller cooments on our blogs. lol
    Please, take it easy

  24. Pele o, Myne. I've missed you o. Please get well soon and hurry up with that book. *Hugs and plenty of goat pepper soup.*

  25. Aaaww, sowee about your hand...i pray it heals up pretty fast and all the best on your new book....waiting to read on monday

  26. wow really sorry about your hand. But its really cute that Atala has been helping around.
    I love the story its fantastic. Men I can't believe you are up to your third book. You will soon become like Danielle Steel with over 1000 books to her name.

  27. So sorry about your accident. Take care. Will pray that you won't need a full cast. Terribly uncomfortable I'll bet. So sorry.

  28. Blessings.....
    no surprise that you have begun your third novel, wouldn't expect anyting less.

    Haven't read any comments from you at my space lately....

    sorry about the hand, have you tried using DRAGON SPEAK? Its a software system that allows you to speak and it types up what you are say then you simply edit. It will go a long way to aiding your deadlines and giving your hand the much needed rest.

    Take the time to heal
    stay blessed.

  29. been looking for something too read o so pls pls pls pls....pretty pretty pls finish soon o

  30. From the title and first line, I thought you were going to say that you're expecting.

    Sorry abt your hand.

  31. Sorry about your hand Myne, looking forward to Monday :-)

  32. get well soon,Myne and good news all the way with the doctor.

    looking forward to reading the new book :)

  33. I hope you got a good report about your hand. Take it easy. I am so looking forward to Monday. Nice story line

  34. Eyaa.Feel better soon inula. You're glowing in that first photo. Cool stuff

  35. Ehya... it is well with you ma. How is the hand now? Just reading this.

    BY the way, I love the bit you shared with us from ur forthcoming book. You are just challenging me the more. God bless you ma.

    - LDP

  36. Sorry to hear about your hand...I trust that you are feeling much better now...way to go on the new book...looking forward to it.

  37. Sorry about your arm. Hope you feel much better now. I hope the arm turns out fine without a full cast.
    Can't wait to read excerpts of your new book.

    Miss Onakz

  38. sorry to hear that, i hope you heal sooon!!!

    Thank God for Atala eh!

    @ the book! I am excited already - btw you were one of the authors of in my dreams it was simpler or the author? I don't remember - if yes loved that blog.. lol shame it had to stop. regadless looking forward to reading from your book.


  39. wow.i'm quite late reading this. sorry about your arm. hope you get better real soon.

    yayyy! on your book. the pitch sounds very interesting. I'ld love to read the excerpts from the bk. In fact, i'ld like to read your other books too. funny i haven't gotten a hold of them yet

  40. Hope you'll feel better soon. Congrats on the upcomming book.

  41. sounds interesting..his the kind of guy id run away from but lets see what other tricks he has up his sleeve to win a woman over..and hope u get better

  42. Working on your 3rd book you rock!

    Pray that your hand heals speedily!

  43. Thank you all, I appreciate. The hand is getting much better now.

  44. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this,
    like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do
    with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is great blog.
    A great read. I will definitely be back.

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