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Answers from "400 Posts" + ALR Winner

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Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a good weekend. I know some of you thought I would never get round to doing this... sorry for the delay.

The winner of the copy of 'A Love Rekindled' is... Bunmi! Please send your postal address to myne@ to arrange delivery.

Below are the questions and answers... I hope I answered everyone.

how was your childhood like? was it fun? wre you a happy child? did you feel pretty? what were the challenges you went through on your road to adulthood?

I was born in Enugu, a very playful, studious tomboy. I was happy, I had three sisters and a brother. I felt pretty, but maybe not beautiful - I felt my sisters were prettier than me. However, I think my parents did a good job; they didn't do favorites.

are u a professional writer? if yes, did you/are u study(ing) anything that has to do with writing? single? married?
Professional writer? I belong to a professional association of writers (Pacific Northwest Writers Association), but I don't consider myself a professional writer, because I did not formally study writing. I write full-time, and I am married.

If we could get a personal profile *why you started writing, what u studied, interests etc* childhood, where u grew up, bullied?, bully, pet peeves lol

I've always written; I remember writing as a preteen, and beginning to write again when I was about to finish university. I decided to change careers after moving to America and took up writing full-time. I studied Applied Biology for my first degree, and Public Health Research for my Masters. My interests are varied, but the main ones are reading and travel. I was bullied in primary and in secondary school; maybe it was because I was small, and I did well in class, so bullies felt that I was a teacher's pet.

My question is how do you deal with situations when you have brilliant ideas but seem too busy to pen it down? That is if you ever do.
I do procrastinate and become demotivated, but I have an encourager in the Holy Spirit and my husband is very supportive. I only have to mention something, and he will hold me to it, if not immediately, then soon. He will go as far as reminding me and providing a conducive environment.

Question - 3 things you wish to achieve in the next 10 years..
I hope to be a mother, I hope to have more books written, and I have big dreams for Naija Stories. Let's see how it goes in ten years.

I'ld just love to know how you started and what were the challenges you faced then. Did you ever think of quitting?
I started my writing by joining a writing group. Along the line, one of the members suggested blogging, and I started this blog. Through this blog, I found out about other bloggers and writers who became self-published authors, and after considering it with other options of publishing, I decided to take that route. My first book was published in December 2009 and since then, I've faced the challenge of bringing it to the awareness of the general public. I do sometimes doubt myself and wonder if I'm putting myself up for a big fall, but I didn't think of quitting because I got a lot of good feedback from bloggers, the Nigerian community and generally from readers.

As for my question, what is your real name?
Ask your nearest Igbo friend to directly translate 'Myne Whitman'. I'll give you a clue; my first name is Nkem, which means 'Mine'.

PS, Have a great week. Mwah!


  1. Interesting explanation about your name.......I always thought it came from somewhere else :))
    Good answers
    Have a nice week

  2. Congrats Bunmi... and I got to know more about you again.

  3. *Running off to go look for my Ndigbo followers*

  4. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week.

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  6. Lovely to learn more about you...especially about your writing...As for the name (Whitman) u might have to help nearest Igbo friend may as well be Yoruba...she speaks even better Yoruba than

  7. yay! my question was first! lol...

  8. Lovely read... Good to know more about you ma. I love it when you said you've found solace in the holy spirit and ur husband.

    May the Lord bring those dreams - f a mother and author of more books to pass in Jesus' name. I've been on Naijastories and I can confirm, a well of great things can come out of that site... Keep on keeping on ma.
    YOU CAN WORK MIRACLES! just like my latest post.

    - LDP

  9. Where are my Igbo friends at?????

  10. Nkem,I knew that one sha,I'm happy for you and Atala,ok and I'm logging in again on NS,hope we are friends again and please I want a grand reception on my return.
    Muah muah muah

  11. Great questions; beautiful answers.
    Nkem, I've always liked that name, I think it suits you. I can't believe it's an "igbo" name...hmm

    At first,I saw it as MY NEW

    The part where u say u have an encourager in the Holy Spirit and pretty much an awesome hubby...that's cute.

  12. Nkem ji nwoke :). I thought of saying that in the lannguage challenge but since I knew 'the nwoke', I substituted. lol.

    You were bullied when you were smaller?(pun intended) Who dared? Now that should lead me to the next interesting question..are you still small? You look quite tall in your pix. 5'7'.
    Don't worry you are not obliged to tell all here. Love your answers though. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Ha! i always thot it was "My New Hitman"...interesting!!

  14. Oh very interesting,didn't know you're Ibo ;). Nice

  15. I like the creative way you came up with the name. Lol! @H for thing seeing it as My New Hitman.

  16. Great pictures!! Do you know, i didn't even think that wasn't your real name lol

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  17. @Ginger, I'm still small o, lol...5'1 or so.

    For those who saw My new hitman, someone pointed that out to me last year and I laughed so much.

    @Adiya, really? I try to make it clear it's a pen name. Though it is also my name in the way I described.

  18. Thank you all so much for the comments.

    @LDP, I say a big AMEN!

  19. congrats Bunmi..thanks for sharing MW.

  20. that means i was always in the spitit each time i referred to you as MINE MYNE....

    Good to know more about you, sis...u are a miracle going somewhere to happen...

    u have my prayers as regards your dreams for the next 10 yrs particularly on becoming a mother...u will be a GREAT MUM...

    wish you well in every of ur
    ***hugs and kisses***

  21. inspiring...thanks for answering my question. The name is also creative.still trying to figure out 'Whitman'.Nwokeji?: )

  22. Thanks Ibhade and Omoba, I say Amen.

    @Stelzz, Nwokeji? got one part right.

  23. I am so happy that you answered my question, as I thought it might be a confidential information for you.
    I never knew you wre igbo o, I always thought you are a delta lady, maybe because of the characters in your last novel. You described the scenery so well that I thought i was your home base. Well done
    Since you are not anonymous, I might be asking for your surname next, lol

  24. Ha! So that's the story behind your name. Believe it or not, I actually thought that was your real name (*looks away trying not to look embarassed*), but you have clarified it today.

    I would never have thought you were a teacher's pet or prone to bullying.

    And the support from the Holy Spirit and your husband are always a blessing, I am sure!

  25. @ilola, Oliver wants some more, lol...

    @Relentless, don't be embarrassed, you're not the only way.

  26. Great insight into the world of Myne Whitman. :-) Although I know your full name, though I won't spill.


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