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Tag - What is in my Bag?

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So I was among those tagged by Sisi Yemmie to do this meme where I have to show you all my regular bag, and what I usually have inside it.

So I use two bags interchangeably but this meduim sized black and brown print Nine West gets more action cos it doesn't select clothes. LOL...I can't remember if I said that correctly. Anyway, you have seen the other bag I carry if you read my post on Relationship 15. Now to the contents of the bag. True confession, I like a chunky bag and always stuff things in :).

Starting from the Bottom middle and clockwise to the left -

Sanitary pads - my periods like the element of surprise.
Kindle - Better than carrying books around. Now I can read my romances without strange stares.
Umbrella - It does rain quite a bit in these parts, can't wait for our road trip.
Makeup Bag - Mostly lipstick, mascara, and some other small orisi-risi
Powder brush and Lip gloss - cannot fit into the makeup bag
MP3 Player, 8GB Flash Drive - Contains most of my music and other files.
Aleve Pain reliever - For PMS and other headaches and pains.
Long Purse/ Small Purse - Long for cash and small for cards and ID
My Books - I am a business woman, hehehehe...

Middle Left and anti-clockwise to the right

BB Torch - Got if just before my trip to Naija, ended not being able to unlock it cos it was so brand new and had to use my nokia.
Camera Pouch - Used the camera inside to take these pictures
Nine West case with glasses inside - used mostly for driving and distance
My Sunglasses in a cloth bag - It is cheap so no worries.
Hugo Woman - Small perfume bottle to freshen up sometimes
Neutrogena hand cream - I have the toughest palms, you won't believe.
MAC Foundation and Powder - Mineralize (recently changed over from Studio)
Pens - I usually have a few, and they come in handy for book signings too.
Keys - Including Car, House, Mail. Keyholder from my NYSC boss's trip to Zimbabwe so have had it for almost 10 years now. Correct leather.

And that is it o, if you want to do this, just go ahead. I hereby tag you!


  1. Sanitary pad = a constant for me, I dont react too well to coloured surprises!
    Myne, the next time u're in Naija, i'll like to have my books signed and a thank you gift for buying the two, in case u have no idea of what to buy, this your bag will do
    *big grin*
    Thanks in advance

  2. Nice and Neat..I love how you've always got your books to network.

    Yes o, when are you going to give us UK people a chance to get signed copies???


  3. I Love your Bag. Can u send it over please??? LOL

  4. Nice bag. in the past, I used to keep a sanitary pad in my purse.

  5. Correct business woman. I giggled when I saw your books among the contents. No snack type things in your bag? You no dey chop? Thanks for stopping by Myne, and for you kind words too xx

  6. Hmm Myne ‎​you have a "comprehensive bag" like a true naija woman. My own bag is a travellers bag kai and I stuff more than two books into it daily. I have like 3 notebooks, a book to read, sanitary pad and pain relief for "show day", shower cap, etc. For ‎​​me,I can't do without everything in my bag

    I think the contents of your bag are very necessary for each day,perhaps says you're organised. For all my comments, ship the bag down ASAP lol

  7. For a compact bag like yours, the contents are very true for women! Lovely bag!

    BTW, I just (finally) finished reading my complimentary copy of Love Rekindled! Mehn! that book is da bomb! Beautifully scripted! I'll do a little review (with your permission).

    Well done Myne!

  8. I like your bag..and the books!!! :D

  9. @PET, me too, no surprises please. On the bag as gift, lol...I hear you o.

    @Pretty Lashes, Hopefully, it will be soon.

    @Shorty, thanks dear, lol...

    @Prism, you say in the past? Is there a secret to stopping these surprises? Please share...

  10. @Joxy, I rarely eat when I am out. I will usually buy some hard candy when I am about to travel/fly. My ears don't react well to altitude changes.

    @Enybees, yes o, we have to be prepared, right? I try to be organized and it's a bit easier since the bag is not so big like that.

    @Darbie, Thanks! I'll be grateful for a review, I'm really glad you liked it. Cheers.

    @NikkiSho, thanks dear!

  11. I want a KINDLE!!!! I hope i get one for my birthday. And you are part of the like this your bag sha, make i send you my postcode. Thanks for participating Myne!!!!

  12. Your bag is cute. And I love the contents esp the kindle *hint* hint*

    You carry your books around with you? You go girl!!

    p.s. I am prolly one of the people you carry a sanitary napkin for *wink*. I never have when I need it. lol

  13. Not a personal fan of Kindles but I understand why there is such a high demand for them! Why would you get strange stares from reading romances in book form, though?

    Oh gosh I can't live without my USB Flash drives! I have three and I think I might need another one soon. O_O I get paranoid about losing my work so I back it all up.

    Awesome pocketbook tour!


  14. @Sisi Yemmie, thanks for tagging me :)

    @Ginger, that happens too, when I have to give out mine to someone else.

    For you and Sisi Yemmie, the Kindle is becoming more affordable everyday, so go for it!

    @TRA, Most romances have half naked (male or female or both) models on the cover, and that is almost always guaranteed to get some attention, lol...

  15. The things in a woman's bag...

  16. the sanitary pad was a surprise to me oo but not your no be 9ja biz woman?.....*laughing*

  17. A bit of makeup, a diary, a book,umbrella, a phone, same as my bag.

    I should learn how to carry tissues

    Thanks for sharing and glad to see you are feeling better xxx

  18. wowww,that was,my bag is like a house,i don't miss a bottle of g/nuts and chocolate cookies and hand fan,sanitary pad,my menses has never tried me,i for shout,pple look into my bag a lot.
    Lolz abt ur BB.

  19. "cos it doesn't select clothes" had me LOLing... I say that too.
    Why is there no food or snack in your bag, ehn?

  20. Wow, you can fit a whole lot of stuff in there!!! I should just bite the bullet and buy a Kindle! I'm always lugging huge library books around with me in the diaper bag and it's clunky and awkward!!!

  21. Very lovely bag u've got there Myne.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. I was nodding/smiling when I read the comment about having the toughest palms. One of my cousins once told me that even farm labourers have softer palms. His solution was that I should boil some pawpaw leaves and hold my palms over the steam. Maybe next you visit Naija? :)

  24. nice collection,
    repping team surprises as well. I don't know if i could do this purse tag thing, its soooo personal.

  25. @OndaDL, you don see us finish, lol...

    @Ibhade, what are you thinking? *wink-wink*
    @Mena, Thanks dear.

    @Gretel, if I much like that, I'm finished. Though to be honest, I had Gala in my bag a lot while I was in Naija, lol..

  26. @Gbemi, let us be watching this weight first.

    @Helen, Here, my library stocks mostly hardbacks and I so do not like those, so the kindle is very handy for me.

    @Doyin, Thanks dearie.

    @Yejide, Is this a one-off thing? Because I'm going to try it o, lol...

    @Chizzy, it really is. But hey, one can always sneak off whatever they prefer not to share. And it depends on your blog and followers too.

  27. but Myne I tagged you first tho...:( *tears* LOL! I am not team surprise! I cant! Your bag fits a lot of stuff!!!

  28. Nice bag, nice bedsheet too, yeah, I noticed.
    The things women carry are so similar

  29. Loving the kindle.
    Quite neat ...and as the others mentioned, no food? You must have strong will power

  30. @Lohi, you sure? Ahhh...I must have mixed that up then. Pele :)

    @iLola, Hahaha, I was hoping no one will notice. I agree, seems we all carry the same things.

    @Naijamum, I didn't think food in a handbag was that common but hey, it's certainly not for me.

  31. I love your bag, and its contents made me smile! I am always guaranteed a smile when I visit your blog - Thank you:)! Have a very blessed day Myne, thanks for keeping it very real... I enjoyed this:D

  32. We woman have to carry lots of stuff and it can be crazy. I loved the tag, your bag is cute too.

  33. Thanks Bomi and Yankeebabe..

  34. Nice!!! :D I think loads of us gals carry basically the same things- sanitary towels are a must for me too heh!


  35. Nice!!! :D I think loads of us gals carry basically the same things- sanitary towels are a must for me too heh!


  36. hehe this is cool. It doesn't seem to matter what size bag I get, I always seem to fill it up.

  37. glad to know i am not the only one with tough hands! i know men with softer hands than mine and it is somewhat annoying.. lol what havent i tried.. *sigh*

    i like your bag... as for kindle.. i am still rebelling against it, i quite like turning the leaves of books rather than looking at a screen, but i will soon cave.. i can feel it happening soon.

  38. Your bag is nice and compact. I like!
    Your contents say you're an organised business woman. I enjoyed nosying around in your business. Lol.


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