Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunshine Award

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So a few days ago, Rhapsody Phoenix, of Rapping on a Melody gifted me with the Sunshine Award pictured above. This is what she had to say about it, "Please keep the blessing going by gifting 10 people with the award letting them know their contribution to bloggersville is appreciated and what they have to say matters." Thank you Rhapsody.

So because I've got double portion sunshine, I'll be passing it on to the following 20 people who always bring sunshine into my life with their blogs, comments, and actions - online and offline. They never fail. Thank you all...

Nonye Anike - She is so responsive, thanks girl!

Ibhade Kareem - Her gist always keeps me grounded.

Muyiwa - He's gone celeb on us but his site is my no 1 each day

Naijalines - Very supportive and I love her writing style

Natural Nigerian - I pick up some cool natural living tips here

Blessings Outlet - She needs a little sunshine right about now.

Just Doyin - She is like the sun, constant even when hidden

Yellow Sisi Unspoken - For her color and that of her blog, :)

Jaycee - Always a post to light my lamp each time I visit

Good Naija Girl - Doing a great job with the Nigeria Blog Awards

Naijamum in London - I'm trying to tap into some of that experience

Beautiful - Her BF is named Sunshine on her blog, so...

Rita - Always an inspiration. More blessings to you dear

Adiya - She spreads sunshine to us creative and handcraft types

Sisi Yemmie - I love gist, and the way she yarns that pidgin eh?

Fareeda Spesh - Was missing in action for a while but back now.

Nutrition Alert - Good food is good for you. Thanks for sharing...

Dith - She's a fine babe and her haute pictures are WYSIWYG

Chimezie Okonkwo - Always sure to get a laugh here

Olori's Palace - She has a video right now that has got me crying...


  1. awwwwwww, thank you sis, from you, that is a huge compliment :D

  2. Awwwww thank You Myne!!!!!! awwwwwwwwwwwww....

  3. Cool post. Well done to all the recipients of the Sunshine Award. :o))

  4. Congrats to the recipients of the awards.

  5. Congratulations on receiving so much sunshine, Myne! :) You truly deserve it. And congrats to those who got some of that spotlight--can't wait to go around and check out your blogs!

    Hope you're having a good week, Myne.


  6. OOooh Myne! Thanks a lot. Muah!


  7. Congrats and thanks Myne :)

    I need sunshine tho? *sigh* it is well

  8. I'm visiting your top blogs soonest Myne, they should wonderful and thank you for answering your FAQ. very helpful.

  9. I'm visiting your top blogs soonest Myne, they should wonderful and thank you for answering your FAQ. very helpful.

  10. Thank you so much for the mention Myne.
    I really appreciate it...
    You said 'I'm trying to tap into some of that experience' ????
    That worries me Myne. I hope I dont mislead you in any way LOL
    Thanks again

  11. Thanks Myne!!!!!!!!! I hope I dont ever fail to respond...LOL!

  12. I can see my people on the list.Nice one Myne!

  13. Thank you all, even if you're not listed, you're still really appreciated.

    @TRA, thank you so much. The week is going week and I'm fine.

    @Blessing, I hope you're not taking it the wrong way. I meant well o.

    @Naijamum, no fear, it won't be just your fault. There be many mentors, and I will hold of una, lol...

  14. This actually brought a tear to my eye Myne..."like the sun...?" I'm blushing furiously...Coming from you, who I consider a top blogger, this means a lot. Thanks ma'am.

  15. Thanks, Myne. Means a lot.

  16. @Just Doyin, and Adura, you're welcome, and thanks too.

  17. finally blogger is letting me post comment Thanks so much Myne really do appreciate :)

  18. Hi Myne!!!
    thanks for stopping by i always get giddy when i see you in my a huge groupie lol
    Ill definitely be reading your blogging tips because lord knows ive been so out of the blogosphere. Have a great weekend!!

  19. You are my sunshine :)

    Loving the way you described your awardees.

  20. Thank you girls,

    @Chibaby, your blog is cool.

  21. Awww~ thank u so very much Myne!
    I appreciate it.

  22. Thank you Myne! I really appreciate it.

  23. Myne, many many thanks. Lots of luv and appreciation...


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