Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Nigerian Blog Awards

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Hi everyone, I'm missing you o, but make I no lie, I'm enjoying the road trip and the break from doing my blog rounds. :) Most of the posts you've been seeing were scheduled but this I'm making right now.

I got emails from some blogger friends asking me to nominate them for the blog awards and since our hotel has free wifi, I decided to do just that. I've always been a fan of what Good Naija Girl and some other volunteer bloggers do for the NBA and how it brings the Nigerian bloggers together and motivates us all. And I can't forget that you guys did me the honor of nominating and voting me last year as the best Nigerian blog; among others.

Well, it's that time of the year again. Let's show the awards and each other some love. It's time to nominate your best blogs and you have until June 17 for this phase. It was tough choice having to do it myself but for the sake of the bloggers that finally got my nominations, I'm glad I did. Below are the rules:
Visit the Nominations page.
Fill in your name and email address. Please use a valid email address or your nomination will not be counted.
Put the website addresses (urls) of the blogs you are nominating, making sure that the nominated blog fits the category it is being nominated for. Blogs nominated for categories they do not qualify for will be removed.
When you’ve put a blog address in each of the categories you’d like to nominate a blog for, click the “Submit” button at the bottom left corner of the page. You will be directed to check the email address you used to register your nominations for a confirmation email.
Open the email from nigerianblogawards and click on the link in the email. This will cause your nominations to be registered.
And yeah, I tagged this as Blogging Tips cos being nominated for, and winning the awards last year definitely got me more traffic and raised my profile. Based on the number of people who read my blog daily, this post is also an opportunity for those interested to call for people to nominate them in the comments. All the best to everyone.


  1. This years award is going to be great,i can just feel it even though i'm not sure i'm participating.

  2. I am very excited for this *Happy Dance*. I don't know why sha o, lol.

  3. It's great how the excitement builds! I hope this is a joyous event!

  4. Looking 4ward to this year's edition. Great tips Myne.

    Now u have officially opened the floor 4 us to canvass 4 votes and I am going to make use of this opportunity.

    Ughmm!!! *Clears throat...obj style* My fellow bloggers I humbly ask 4 ur support in this year's NBA. I wish to be nominated in any category u deem fit. If nominated I promise to serve you better..... 'Hot' amebo, beauty tips, music videos, pictures, fashion... name it and be sure I will also nominate you.

    Abeg no long tory , just nominate me .... Lool!!!!


  5. Really? We're nominating now? Cool, will head over there. NBA was actually the first place where i found Nigerian bloggers. I didn't even stumble upon one till i found the site. They are really doing a good thing


  6. I am so excited by this even though i doubt im making it past the nomination phase since im still such a newbie lol. And i too only stumbled upon a good number of blogs i follow because i somehow found the Nigerian Blog Awards 2010 site.

    Good luck to everyone that's participating :)

  7. damn! i wish i knew earlier *sighs* ..i wld try 2 visit later but the internet here sucks :(

  8. Myne ma, I am of the opinion that you still deserve the Nigerian Blog of the Year award so I nominated and will vote you again. lol

    Lets go there 2011!

    - LDP

  9. Ahhh LDP, just seeing this. I think someone else should have a chance, lol...


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