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Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Videos - Charismatic girl deciphered.

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So the MBGN contest is coming up in a few days and the organizers are really utilizing the social media to get the word out. I made a comment on one of the first blogs about the video immediately below where the girls/applicants make the case for why viewers should vote for them. I'm guessing these days judges votes are combined with votes via phone and SMS. Watch the video first...

So I asked on the blog, is it that these are ALL the girls that applied, and the organizers had no choice but to pick them all. Because they spanned the spectrum from some manageable girls to the complete disasters, and I was thinking it was impossible to have selected these finalists form a pool that included worse applicants. I spoke too soon, check the video below...

I was conflicted between the girl with hairy legs (While I do not shave my legs, I won't also apply for a beauty contest), the one or two things ajala travel, and the girl whose vital stats are, "I'm tall, 23, light-skinned and student. Then I got to the undecipherable words, and gave it to her with no contest. Meanwhile, I have deciphered the speech, some of it anyway. And when you read it, you may agree that her heart is in the right place, even if her hair isn't.

"I want to expose the best, the superb in me, expose the superb out in me.
Because I see this as a career, because I want to be a model to other girls out there
I want to create an avenue for achieving, for accomplishment of their dreams
Because I know that there are girls, that are weak, but truly they need sponsorship,
they need our support..."

Honestly, I wish they had allowed her to get to the finals, I would have given her my support immediately, and campaigned for her. Anybody remember Rita from Koko Mansion? LWKMD!

To wrap it all off, please enjoy the spoof below....


  1. *loud guffawing* ... Chei! I don laff taya! I saw the first video last week during lunch (thank God the pepper did not go the wrong way while I was laughing)

    But the 2nd video...Lord have mercy! It got progressively worse. Some of the girls had this very disturbing wild look in their eyes like they were on something (and like they wanted to beat up the camera man! LOL!)

    But "yellow paw paw" chikito takes the cake...she kept beating her chest...LOL!

    As for the young lady with the hair on her legs, no comment (singing): 'The less you wear, the more you need nair!"

  2. I feel bad for that girl with the crazy hair and the speech impediment though because she actually had something good to say. She speaks like maybe she's deaf or hard of hearing.

  3. @Relentless, OMG, you have to make sure not to be eating when you watch these videos, lol...

    @Ngo, I don't know if she had a speech impediment or she was just trying "fone" (a janded accent). I know the first girl to speak seemed to have a stammer.

  4. No doubt the video is funny but after laughing, i realized that it aint the gals' fault. I just wish 'finishing skool' was compulsory for students in Nigeria

  5. I almost wet my panties seeing this,the way she even kept her face and her voice and her confidence,hahaha,then the statistics girl,did yhu see her aba palms,hahahaha,lmao,then the intelligeness,smartness,self confidense babe,oh boyyy,i should have contested na,I for dey among 1st 5 sef,lmao

  6. So funny. I hope one of Gombe, Akwa Ibom or Yobe pick up the crown. As for the others...hmmm.

  7. I saw the video yesterday, I felt so sad. seriously though... how? why? is it real? I don't want to belief that these are the best girls Nigeria has to offer.

  8. @9jaFoodies, the only thing I can say is that maybe most girls don't bother to apply for these pageants anymore.

  9. I opened the second link in the office and my English colleague/ friend asked me whether these were really serious applicants......:(

    I said no...these were comedians doing a parody of actual applicants.

    *sigh* I just thank God I can lie without blushing.

  10. Myne don't be too hard on them until you see Miss SA _ she is a train wreck. All the social networks were abuzz earlier this year with her lack of good looks. chei....the girl is an accident waiting to happen, I have no idea what happened with those judges.

  11. @NIL, lol...This reminds me a bit of some of the people that audition for AGT, and you wonder where the talent is, or who has been deceiving them.

    @Wendy, I'll look for a picture of Miss SA, it truly cannot be as bad as some of these ones.

  12. lol @ the parody...the ladies tried. Okon from Kano state, hausa girl from Imo state...lol.

    That lady in red is "wonderful"...my hubby and I have been wondering what she was saying...thanks for decoding it Myne. As for the lady with the vital statistics of 23, light skinned and co...it is well. And the 1 or 2 things around the country lady? waoh!

    For real though, this is really shameful...how can this be the quality of ladies who want to represent Nigeria internationally? What happened to our educational system? Are they university graduates?

    I'm flabber-whelmed.

  13. LOL. i like the last video which was done for fun. Saw the other videos previously. I couldn't stop laughing especially at the good, the bad and the worst. Well, i cant blame them though..Most of these girls are just trying to make a name for themselves especially with the way our country is. They're also probably seen as 'hot' in their small cliques or communities and maybe have been praised and encouraged to enter for the contest. Generally though, it seems that the people who are supposed to be competing in these contests don't bother to apply anymore but all the same, this is good entertainment!

  14. LOL at Naija mom in London's lie.

    Myne, you tried with you decoding.

    I agree with Stelzz. I think it is poverty that has driven some of these girls to apply. The real pretty girls are probably no longer applying. Why bother to compete for only a few million naira, when you can get tens of millions of naira from a sugar daddy...

  15. @JustDoyin, it is such a shame. I wonder if thay really thought they could make it.

    @Stelzz, that last one was so funny. I enjoyed it.

    @Prism, I was nodding my head till the last line. That makes me even sadder. I thought you were going to say they are busy with studies, work etc...

  16. Please, you guys should check Miss Ebonyi out again. She is my friend and I personally think she has no business among these others. Cos she is so intellingent (educated up to masters level in architecture), very beautiful and speaks so well. On a normal day, I don't think she will be in the category of these other girls. Na condition cause am. You can check her out again in the first videos
    Please vote Delphine Okobah for MBGN 2011.

  17. If they can't get better gurls,they should please forget about MBGN this year,no be by force!

  18. LWKMD but I agree with 9ja foodie, it is sad as I think dat these girls think the way up is thru these contests.
    To think miss Ebonyi holds a masters in Architecture......BIG SHAME

  19. @iLola, let me go check out Ebonyi again.

    @Great, abi o?

    @Bimbo, Unless one wants to become an entertainer or permanent celebrity?

  20. Myne, I noticed this video recently got viral so I just watched it. I almost choked. I am in shock.....shock oh, I don't laugh tire. Especially Ms scarecrow, I believe someone out her up to it *Excuse while I laugh myself to stupor*

  21. Sorry I meant I don* this autocorrect eh lol

  22. hahahaha...the spoof is hilarious

  23. The Good Bad and Worse Video isnt playing (I needed me that good ole laughter!).

    What we see is the result of 'lots of dirty deals and 'back for grounds' that goes into final selection of participants, including ability to get sponsors from fashion houses etc. Granted not everyone does it, but a number do.

  24. Is it me or are a lot of these girls Igbo? What happened to the indigenes of the states that they are representing?

  25. lmao - so the first video she just wants to leave us with a quote that says nothing is impossible so we should vote for her? I don't get how those things go hand in hand. I am sorry but those chics wer ejust yarning off point! oh my gosh.. lol this is not even a laughing matter! lmao "my code is v8 - 4 4" !! what make sme laugh is, with all thes eplease vote for me, when they win now, it will be as if their feet cannot touch the ground anymore. LMAO KOGI STATEEEE looool.
    Osun craves our indulgence to vote for her... hmm..JIGAWA lool omg

    lol @ the spoofs as well!!


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