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Michelle Obama in South Africa - A woman after my heart.

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Question: What do you think of women who quit their jobs for their husbands and families?

Sometime in April, I wrote a blog about how I consider myself a role model, and how I also like to acknowledge those that motivate me. One of those women is Michelle Obama.

I was earlier conflicted in 2008 when I first got to know about the Obamas and found out she reluctantly cut back on her job to follow her husband on the campaign trail. I emphasize reluctantly because I believe in a woman freely making their choices for a career, a marriage, children or all of them, and giving their all to whatever they choose. Well, when Obama won the presidency, she quit the job, softened her image to suit popular opinion, and made me go huh?!

But I have to give it to her now. She has since hit her stride, and each day, my admiration of her mounts. She supports the politics that interest her (like Pay Equity for women), and has followed her other passions (like the Let's Move campaign against childhood obesity). She is not superwoman, she does not run the world, but IMO she rules her world. Grace Machal said, "She is a feminist by practice, without shouting slogans." and I concur. Most importantly, she wants to affect/change lives and thereby leave a legacy.

Keep shining the light Michelle.

Taking joy in what she does, and carrying her children along too so they can learn by example.

Knowing that older women are not a competition and accepting help graciously and learning from her mother.

Working with younger women and embracing the role of a model without being arrogant.

Giving honor where it is due.

Never losing the child within.

Knowing when to be casual and when to be glamorous.

Having and showing compassion.

Knowing that polygamy is not a catching disease :)

Being helpful and extending a hand to other women.


  1. Myne, I totally agree with you. A woman giving up her job to support her husband and her family doesn't have to give up her life.
    Michelle Obama is a fantastic role model to women of all ages.

    Great post! I'm going to retweet this. I love it.

  2. Great post! I love Michelle!

  3. I could not agree less she is truly a
    feminist by practice. I admire her a lot cos she's one of my role models. Great post Myne!

  4. Michelle gave up her job but never stopped working coz now she works in & out of her comfort zone,from Family to public.i just wonder when she get sometimes to herself..She is a Blessing to her Family and the many lives that are affected by her good works. I <3 Michelle.

  5. I think giving up ur career for husband/family is a brave & selfless move. Incidentally, hubby asked me a similar question y'day..'which is more important to women, career or family?' That I think depends on individuals & priorities. I'm very much in support of a woman running a career (it's a personal project for self reliance & independence), but I'm also an advocate for women being supportive of their spouses. No doubt, Michelle Obama is a phenomenon.

  6. I admire her.
    I see a job as a platform.
    She left one platform for a bigger one and is still making an impact, a bigger one than she might have been able to make if she kept her previous job.

    I love how she involves her children. Being the FLOTUS cannot be an easy job at all

  7. Luv your photos of the First Lady and the children.

  8. Just last night, I told my husband how much I admire Michelle, and now this great post.
    I love Michelle Obama

  9. A first lady with a life!

    I hope others are learning!

  10. Thanks for all the comments.

    @Afronuts, I'm definitely learning. :)

  11. She's just inordinately cool! Go Michelle

  12. i admire her and she is very good role model.great post myne!

  13. there is just something about her that is truly and genuinely admirable. she doesnt come across as if she does things because of her position, she comes across like she does it because it is her passion... i feel like I could hang out with her and be myself and we will have great conversations :p lol

  14. "She does not RUN the world" ;)

    I have a soft spot for Michelle e

  15. Whoop whoop for Mrs Obama! I really like like this post!!


  16. She may have given up her former job, but the role she is playing now has much more impact and she seems to be doing it very well. Nice post and great pictures.

  17. I love me Michelle. Seriously. She is the epitome of 'behind every successful man is a woman'. Secondly what makes her so special is the love she inspires in her husband. Damn those two know how to light up a stage!

  18. I just love her..look at how she's glowing:)

    ...On giving up a job for the husband and family, i don't think there's anything wrong as long as the wife pursues other worthwhile interests in which she has (deep) passions. If she doesn't have any passions then she should create one :D
    I would summarize it this way, 'she should bloom wherever she's planted'!

    I mean, look at Michelle..lovely example

  19. I'm glad I shared this post, reading all the comments.

    @Stelz, I like that phrase, blooming wherever we're planted. So apt!

  20. ahhh,the woman is siply amazing and she'sso tall and gaiety and also very smart,i really like her,she's not hiding under the hussy,s image but using that to reach out to others,i wish yhu would reach me :D
    pls wht do yhu mean by her knowing that polygamy ain't a disease.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. @Gretel, that was just a joke, lol. In the picture, she's with Mrs Zuma, one of the wives of the polygamous president of South Africa.

  23. Love this post, I admire her too greatly. She is her own person:)

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