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Atala Writes - Notes from the Road Trip (1)

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Did I tell you guys that Atala wanted to share some notes about our trip? This is not a narrative, just short bytes that stuck with him. Enjoy...

- We left Seattle on Saturday morning around 8am and what a difference mountains make. As soon as we crossed the Cascades, it was goodbye woodland and wetness... hello scrub and sunshine. The reduced vegetation enabled us to see the wide blue sky touch the horizon, and at first, my reaction was 'wow'! But after a while, I began to miss the clouds in the sky, especially because the further south we went, the hotter it became.

- I'm used to city downtowns being very dense, bustling places, but Boise (and to a lesser extent, Salt Lake City) really made me think differently. I found them very suburban and spaced out. I guess that's what happens when you have lots of space to play with.

- We spent our time in quite a variety of hotels. There were some which were multistorey, with valets and decor (in Las Vegas). And there were some which were much more down to earth, with separate bungalows (near Grand Canyon). But they were all very comfortable - good to know, especially after drives of several hours. And quite a few of them had seriously discounted rates, too. :)

- At first, I thought they were bird droppings. Then I thought we'd run over some muck which had spattered upwards. But it looks like the culprit for the splatter that we found on our windscreen during our drive was... bugs - at least, if this link is to be believed.

What I found baffling was that in many cases, the splatter was transparent, with not trace of wings or legs. What was even weirder was how frequently the splatter would happen. Sometimes, it would be well spaced out, happening every few hours, but there was a case where a battalion of bugs must have struck the windscreen at all once, almost completely obscuring the view!

- At first, I was wondering why I had to grip the steering wheel to keep the car straight when driving south to Salt Lake City. Then when we stopped to change over and I stepped out and BFFFFF! There was a serious breeze blowing out there from the south. What a waste. Imagine all that wind that could have been turned into electricity! It also made me wish we had planned our journey so that we were going north instead.

To Be Continued...
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  1. You guys indeed are having fun.Thanks for sharing guys!

  2. This line: 'Imagine all that wind that could have been turned into electricity!' ...confirmed this was written by a very practical man....LOL

    If it was me, I would have been worried about my hairdo LOL

  3. where's the link re bug splatter? Lol. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am really enjoying your travel diary. Fun. Thanx.

  5. Thanks all,

    @NIL, very practical.

    @Justjoxy, we missed that in the transfer. Let me look for it.

  6. A family of writers. He could make a living as a travel writer. :o))


  7. This na serious enjoyment road trip oh!!!! I like Atala's narration!

  8. Thanks NIL and Sisi Yemmie, I look forward to when we can write together.

    @Joxy, here's the link.

  9. Yes, those were indeed bugs (or bug juice)and they don't come off your windscreen easily :-)

    I like Atala's narration. He added some extra details. I see you left out romance from the title of this post though (I am still looking for it sha...)

  10. LOL @ wind into electricity..

    sounds like u had fun..Lovely pics inbtwn

  11. You guys are really having fun oh! so how many states would you have gone thru by the time you're done?? {sorry if you said it before}

  12. he's also good in his writing and very practical.his view is also interesting.....thanks for stopping by too!:-)

  13. All,

    Thanks for your comments.

    NIL, I think you're more practical than me, because you're concerned about the things that matter in the here and now. After all, converting all that wind to electricity wouldn't have made a difference to me, but messing up my hair (if I had any hair to mess up) definitely would. :)

    JustJoxy, sorry about the omission. I see that Myne has rectified it, though. Even worse that the bug splatter on the windshield was the bug splatter on the car's front grill - I'm sure that the poor car must now shudder everytime it hears either of us mention the word 'road trip'.

    Kiru, no-o! There's only room for one full-time writer in the house. But a collaboration might be an idea...

    TRB, tell me about it! Washer fluid and wiper action didn't help. The funny thing is that you rarely see such bugs in the Northwest. Must be the rain or something...

    Random One, we went from Washington to Oregon to Idaho to Utah to Arizona to Nevada to California to Oregon (again) and back into Washington. So that makes seven, including Washington.

  14. Beautiful, oh beautiful pictures uncle Atala. Wait, did you say you spend time at a "variety of hotels"..? lol

    - LDP

  15. Great photos! I feel like I'm travelling with you. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Sounds like a great trip. The sky is such a nice blue there.


  17. Myne is having all the fun, im jelux

  18. the bugs would have freaked me out

  19. Thanks Talli, Misha, and PET,

    @LDP, we stayed in about 6 hotels in as many states and stops.

    @Laurenta, it did at first for me too, and then it became sort of expected.

  20. Looks like a fabulous trip. I love the west.

  21. Can't wait for part 2, makes me want to take a road trip.

  22. Finally the man himself. I throway salute ooo Atala.

    You guys went through six States? and six Hotels? hmmmmm, you should be in the tourism business.
    Isnt it wonderful how you both love travelling? nice!

  23. lol I agree with NILs comment, my sentiments exactly. Those were my thoughts as a trainned chemical engineer that did a big project on the environment. He wont happen to be an engineer now is he?

  24. This fun on the road. Nice pictures.

  25. ha! MW, you & hubby sure had fun o.. so true 9jamum...definitely a practical man..hehehe..weldone sir.

  26. Hi Ginger.

    I think it was actually seven hotels we stayed at. Not sure about the tourism thing, though - getting out once in a while is great, but if I had to be travelling non-stop, especially for work, it would quickly turn from fun into something else.

    Yes, angelsbeauty - I'm an engineer (of sorts).


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