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Debate Tuesday - World Ends May 21, now Oct 21 (Harold Camping)

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Last week, the news spread through the whole of the United States, and I guess the rest of the world too. Harold Camping who runs an independent Christian Radio had predicted that Rapture would happen last Saturday across the world at 6PM local time in different places. He said that after rapture on May 21, the world would experience a total meltdown on Oct 21.

Anyway, he has now reversed his prediction to say that what happened on Saturday was a spiritual judgment and that the previous date for the Apocalypse is now the end of the world.

Read the article from Associated Press

So what's the debate?

Do you think the press should continue hyping this guy's predictions? Should people take him serious? And not just him but other prophets with a doomsday mentality. I wonder about his followers, some of whom sold, or gave away the last of their earthly belongings. How do they think now?


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  1. I think this sort of thing happens on a slow news day, or when people are looking for something to get people talking. It doesn't really matter what the subject is, if it catches on it becomes a media event, which is good for the media (and no one else).

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  2. Well,all i know is that the guy is high on some cheap drugs or something.His he trying to break the scripture? The bible made us to understand that rapture is going to happen without anyone's knowledge,so what is he doing trying to play God? Only God knows the appointed time and that time would come as a shocker,not broadcasted!

  3. please the dude should give it a rest already! lol. How can they take him seriously after May 21st

  4. i think they should just ban the guy from the media gabadaya. he shouldn't be on TV, radio, internet, newspapers and whatever else there is. the man is just looking for ways to keep his life interesting till he dies.

    it's upsetting, this is the kind of thing that makes unbelievers think christianity is just a joke

  5. I am laughing o. I can't believe that some people take these 'predictions' seriously.

  6. SMH... This is madness, honestly. God is the ultimate power, for anyone to think they can predict His arrival is nonsensical.

  7. your topic says harold landing, shouldn't it be harold camping?

  8. Ohh, thanks Leggy!

    I'm coming back to reply other comments.

  9. LOL....This whole Rapture thing is funny. Wonder where he got the idea of saying this rubbish from.

    Nope I don't think the media should continue hyping this guy's prediction. Are there still people who would take him serious sef after the May 21st?

  10. you know it's his fourth time making such a prediction, right? I can't believe people are STILL listening to this guy! UGH!

    He needs to be ignored. And it's a disgrace that people send him money. Very bad. xoxo

  11. Gotta love America where any 'mad' person can have a platform. I don't blame him. It's his right to speak forth as he deems fit. The media will carry news...its what they do.
    It's the people that listen to him i blame...God has given us all a Brain and a Spirit...we can choose to use it or not *shrugs*

    I hear one woman cashed out 140K of her retirement to put up a billboard. Has the person predicting this nonsense sold any of his stuff??

    The man said "Looks like God is giving us a break" Lmao!! SMH

  12. This sort of thing is silly and I think the media is covering because it's so amusing.

    Since the Bible itself says people won't know when the hour of judgment is, I don't think we have anything to worry about come October.

  13. If this where my dad/grandpa, I wil gag him. really!

  14. I still cant believe some people sold their property. that's jst ludicruous!!
    Camping shld jst go seat! anyone that still takes him seriously must be jst as crazy as him. The bible clearly states that ONLY GOD knows when judgement day would come. He is actually blaspheming.

  15. I really pity those who believe in the words of this man, especially those who sell off all their property in order to donate to his cause or support his radio station. And some of them are also old and retired. I think the press should stop giving him any credibility.

  16. I dont think the press is guilty.
    Journalism is all about the next big story, breaking news, sensationalism etc

    It might sound harsh but individuals have to be responsible for their own decisions. If we censor the press on this issue, should we also ban the press from carrying news on crime (as it might encourage others to commit crime) or even ban some types of music (as some of lyrics can be offensive)

    As for the old and vulnerable, they can be seen as less able so this man should be held liable for taking advantage of the vulnerable. If he is successfully prosecuted, it will deter other fake prophets

  17. I can't believe anyone is still paying attention to this man. This whole thing is quite ridiculous.

    Any ways, he is 89 years old, who knows if he'll even live to see Oct 21st 2011? #justsaying

  18. I think this dude needs to give it up! Enough already.

  19. The old man doesn't need the media. He owns radio stations where he hosts his Open Forum program. Some innocent/vulnerable person somewhere listening to gospel music on an FM, AM or SW channel will hear his program through an affilliate at some point and believe him.
    Should people take him seriously? We must always analyze for ourselves, things we hear & see then decide what's best for us based on what our own brain tells us.

  20. he needs to go back and read the scriptures

  21. Thanks all, for the replies.

    @Naijamum, that's an interesting angle you brought up. I wonder if it would be possible to charge the guy for deception or something like that? But it seems he believes what he says himself.

  22. @Think-Bout it. You're about him having a radio too, but the major networks were the channels through which most of us heard the news. I will even suggest that his broadcasting license be revoked. jjk :)

    BTW, welcome to my blog.

  23. Hmm... good questions. I think that the press should hype up attention seekers of any persuasion (but they always will) and that people shouldn't take people like this seriously (but some always will).

    When it comes to the end of the world specifically, it's aimed at Christians - who should have READ THE BIBLE to where it says that NO ONE will know when it will happen.

  24. I think it's pitiful that so many people believe him- they're either idiots or lost.

    I don't blame the press for hyping it- it's what they do, you know?



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