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Beyoncé - Run The World (Girls)

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So this is not much of a debate as a roundtable - me sharing my thoughts and asking you to do the same. In her last single, Beyonce is basically saying that girls, we run this world. Below is the video. But my question is, DO GIRLS REALLY RUN THE WORLD?

While I do not grudge the song, or even the motivational wallop it packs, it would be small minded of women to think we've got to eldorado. It is still a man's world, and the glass ceiling is firmly in place! If we begin to reason in the lines of Beyonce's lyrics, we'll miss the way, and may even be lulled to complacency. Some of the questions to keep in mind are,

- In majority of the professions, do women earn the same as men?
- In government, are there equitable numbers of women represented?
- Do as many girls as men get the same level and standard of education?
- What about healthcare, especially in sectors where women are predominantly affected?
- Do women have the same access to capital to boost their economic capacity?

Whereby figurehead women in entertainment (like Beyonce herself, Lady Gaga and Oprah) may be making waves, we have to look at the bigger picture. We're not superwomen, and we don't rule the world. YET!


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  1. I'm surprised Myne, that you could listen through all that screeching to work this out. You are a saint of endurance. Anyway, point at hand, I agree with you Myne even though I do think what she's saying also has its place. Realistically no we do not run the world yet but it is good to remember that we can and must strive for equality always. This makes me think of my Congo post. There is a shining example of how women do not in anyway rule even their own lives, never mind the world.

  2. Absolutely agree that we do NOT run the world

    In my experience, girls often score higher than boys in primary and secondary school. However, after uni, marriage and motherhood limits their aspirations, opportunities and dreams.

    Shoot me but that's my opinion.

    How many females are presidents of nations OR company CEO's? Very few compared to men

    Even as fab as Beyonce is, all we ever get in the papers is 'When is she having babies?' As for Oprah..her decision not to have children has meant she is now called a lesbian. Will a childless man be hounded in the same way. Again, a lot is often made of a woman's physical appearance eg.

    'Miss X just found the cure for cancer'
    'I know...fab isnt it? But she really needs to lose weight!'

    Yes, this is a great motivational anthem but the truth is women are a long way from running things. The day we have economic and political power is the day we truly 'run the world'

  3. I agree with all of you, but I have to point something out. How many women actually WANT to be a part of the government? I think we're way to smart to be a part of that power trip.

  4. hahaha... lol@ Wendy's "I'm surprised Myne, that you could listen through all that screeching to work this out. You are a saint of endurance",i'm not a fan of Beyonce so i haven't bothered 'trying' to listen to it.

    Living under man was one of the curses God placed on Eve so no matter the galavanting and noise making, it's always going to be a man's world.

    This is not to say that we should relax and not work hard as women, it only means we need to stop the competition and just enjoy the life we've been given

  5. I have to say I agree with Wendy...I do not pay for an album only to have you screaming in my ear. Horrible song.

    I also agree with Naijamum, we as women tend to get to a certain age then start to give up our aspirations or at least step back from them to accommodate life.

    Its a man's world. Always has been, always will be.

  6. I agree with what everyone has said we don not run the world. That song was just bleh....but I personally like the dancing steps. Watched it like 3 times or so X_x

  7. Equality, no. I remember getting a raise and my boss telling not to rub it in my husband's face. I rolled my eyes. He was working in a position lower than me at another store, and still making -even after my WOW raise- more than me.
    Still, we do have a different form of power. It's to recognize it, and not abuse it.

  8. Um I disagree. While we do not run the world (YET), this should not stop a person from singing about how we could. Its like saying we should be content with where we are and not try to move forward. Think about the whole black movement that pushed for our equality, if songs and speeches where not made would we be here? Just because something has not been achieved yet does not mean we should/cannot proclaim it with our mouths. I wont say I am inspired by the song to go and try to be more successful and "run the world" but Beyonce's success, her hard work and perseverance inspires me. For that I will try to run my own little world in the industry I have chosen.

  9. Women certainly do not run the world. In most of the western world where women have had 'equal' rights for practically a century, the fight for proper equal rights is still on...The fight for equal pay, proper paternity leave for fathers to relieve mothers of the unequal responsibility of taking time out of work to care for children, more women in top level corporate positions and in politics, the list goes on.

    Now...talking about Africa, there is a massive mountain to climb. Women have no rights to talk about, unless we count the right to vote! Nigeria and most of Africa are a mere stone's throw from biblical times when women and children did not even exist in census figures!

  10. We do not run the world...we still have a long way to go in running the world.

    Like Naijamum in L said,marriage and motherhood limits their aspirations, opportunities and dreams.

    Asides from the dance steps in the song, the song is bleh for me.

  11. this video is rather disturbing...

    On to the question. I def agree with ur view: WOMEN do NOT run the world YET...buuut, I'd like to say that we're the belt that hold the pants in place so in that regard, we run something....

    I guess :s

  12. I agree that we are still not given the same rights as men and yes we need to keep fighting, but there's nothing wrong with a little inspirational song yes? no?
    I mean, it's one of those stereotypica girl-power songs that's jst used to uplift the female race. We may all not be Oprah status yet, but atleast we've come a long way since the past..and we are getting more rights and breaking more gender stereotypes as the years go by.

  13. I am glad the ladies agree here are REAL enough to agree that they do NOT run this world. Obviously, the songwriters are not well informed if they were they won't write the song.

    Beyonce should go and rest. Enough with her feminism and all. It is just classic BS. I mean she is married to Jay Z. He definitely runs her world. I am just saying

  14. We do not run the world, unfortunately. Maybe soon...haha

  15. First, i have not listened to the song, but the review i read on it was not so good.

    To your questions, i lean more on 9jamum's stand.

    IF i have to look at it from another angle...women had been on the fore-runner of GREAT EVENTS in the world that changed history, which MIGHT had prompted her to say women rule the world...lets see:

    Right from the garden of Eden.. who caused them to be evicted?

    Who coined the name NIGERIA?

    who brought about the 'feud' btw 2 powerful religion?

    The great battle of troy, who caused it?

    who caused the fatal clash of tribes in Nigeria when ASABA was made capital?

    Who & what killed one of our powerful dictator in Nigeria?

    What about Queen Cleopatra & Nefertiti?

    The Irony of it is that the men rule the world but the women rule the men! Either his mother, sister, wife, daughter or mistress....so indirectly, WOMEN RULE THE WORLD.....MAYBE that is what she was trying to say...but in this present era...men rule in all the socio-economic -politic terrain.

  16. Thanks for all the comments.

    @H, we do run a lot of things, yeah.

    @Kitkat, I love Beyonce, and I actually like this song for the girl power song that it is :)

    @OndaDL, Abeg no woman bashing here o, lol...Being married does not mean domination.

    @Ibhade, that got me cracking! Say it girl, We run the Men! LOL

  17. I kinda have a different opinion to this.
    See, I dont think she meant it like we are the presidents or the Rulers or the CEO of things...
    I look at it like she meant we're the backbone, by we i mean girls...the part that's not so visible but is nevertheless, the most important.

    Like, we keep the world working with our care,understanding, love, even with motherhood...and in a sense that is running the world. I feel like she's telling us to know our worth because us sitting around doing nothing about the inequalities we face makes it seem like we dont know how valuable we really are.

    Then again it is music, its based on perception

  18. This is one Beyonce song even DH with all his love for Beyonce will agree isn't wonderful. What with all the screaming.:(
    My dear, we definitely do not rule the world. It is still very much a man's world. Even though you could say we have a lot of power in our homes with our husbands and children, we still have a long way to go in the society as a whole.

  19. We don't run nada. It still is a man's world and will forever be one. That is how it has been programmed from the beginning when God cursed eve. Her desire will always be to the man and he shall rule over her.
    That is why a woman will gladly sacrifice for her family anytime, even if they are thrash while the man pursues his own goals.
    And as for the feminists, many of them still always run back to the men for love. It is sad, but it is reality

  20. @Honey, the song is really a very pick me up kinda song and I love it for that.

    @Naijamom, very true. Oh, so DH is a beyonce fan? :)

    @iLola, seeking a partner for love is not domination. And I do not believe that the curses in the OT still have dominion over my sanctified life.

  21. I am going to for-go the political/social commentary and just talk about the video in general.

    Once again I'll say it loud: Video killed the radio star!

    What do I mean by that. If the world had no music videos and you heard this song on the radio - would it be popular? Would people pay to buy this song without the visual message attached to it? I wouldn't.

    So many artists today are famous because of what they look like or who they were lucky enough to get to direct their music video. It's not about music anymore and that makes me sad.

  22. I like the song a lot and though I know we don't run the world, it doesn't bother me cos I don't feel we are in competition with men. Whoever is running things, just be sure not to mess it up. #thatisall

  23. Hey Myne,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are who I aspire to be one day; a published author *sigh*

    To be honest, I have so many issues with this song the least of which is it's message. I do think the message is a positive one though. As you said, we don't run the world yet, but believing we can, and will one day can only be a good thing.

    I agree that we need to watch out for complacency and thinking we're already there when we still have so far to go till complete equality but I like to think about how far we've come too; because we've come SO far.

  24. True this Myne! It's still very much a man's world, even though women have really gone far- especially in their mindset.

    I think with well played cards, girls can rule their man, or/and their home, but the world? Not yet.

    It's just a feel-good song


  25. True this Myne! It's still very much a man's world, even though women have really gone far- especially in their mindset.

    I think with well played cards, girls can rule their man, or/and their home, but the world? Not yet.

    It's just a feel-good song


  26. hi myne! thanx for checking up on me :)(truly appreciate it) a blog post coming soon!
    uhm i was having this discussion with a friend sometime last week and she made this funny statement (i know it doesnt really apply to the context of the argument)
    what she said was..........
    Beyonce who is waving her hands up and down still has to cook for Jay z and let him be the man of the house and now she wants me to follow her and wave my hands out of my husbands' house while she gets to go home make Jayz dinner and live happily ever after lmao!

    my answer:we dont run the world.....my question do you think we would ever?..............

  27. Hi FSR, glad to see you back. I don't think we ever would, though I doubt it is about who rules. I am a big campaigner for an equitable life for women, and I believe that is more important. As to your friend, tell her that B and Jay probably have a chef, lol...

  28. I'm a feminist but also an advocate for equal rights and equal opportunities so I'd say it's half and half - men and women rule the world! Hehehe! Such a P.C. answer I know...

    Lola x

  29. I really don't care who runs the world. As long as they are humans.
    I am not a fan of Beyonce as i see her as a bundle of contradiction.
    I think the message of the song is lost on most.From the pic at the top of the post, it is obvious that the world she is referring to is the sex world. Of course, women run that world.The objectification of womanhood is running on full steam uninterrupted and women themselves are in the forefront of it.


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