Friday, May 6, 2011

Charly Boy - Commercial Waist

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Something to while away the weekend with.

By the way, why do young, beautiful women (video vixens?) continue to appear in these music videos that have no respect for women. In this one, Charly Boy (a father and grandfather of women) seems to be saying that commercial waist is what all women are. I don't blame him, when for a fee, the dancers are willing to wind the waist for him.

Enjoy the weekend my people and see you on Monday. Take care.


  1. i didnt even know charly boy sings..Eeew! lol
    have a nice weekend yourself :)

  2. Pretty much every job with a question mark has people working for the same reasons.

    When you need money, respect for women'll probably be the last thing on your mind. Sometimes they love the job...

  3. I just long there's financial gain, there will always be girls willing to do it

  4. Girls do it to themselves hissss. Kitkat hahaha


  5. I'm with kitkat I didn't know the guy sings sef. I blame the girls sha.

  6. sooo retarded, both Charlie and the women!
    Have a good weekend hun

  7. I saw your blog this morning and had to go away and think about it. Its hectic, especially considering the premise of our last chat conversation Myne. I hope the pervasive ugliness of the West does not sully 9ja extensively.

  8. he sings? Charlie boy needs to take a seat.

  9. mmm...It takes all kinds Myne.

    Some girls actually aspire to be video-vixens.

    If you recall, the Nigerian girl woh died from a cosmetic procedure (to increase the size of her backside) was also a dancer.

    In the US, the trend now - for most of these dancers - is to get a butt-implant...because it gets them more jobs/ publicity.

    Like I said, it takes all kinds.

  10. Answer to your Q - Ego, famosity and obele ara (small madness)!

  11. God have mercy on Him(for the bad morals)....hmm!

  12. I am suprised you asked the question "why do women continue to appear in these music videos that have no respect for women"?

    Money, money, money. commercial waist.. isnt charlie in his 60's?

  13. Blessings .....
    because unfortunately we live in a society the glorify the flesh and women willing to take it all off and shake what their mother gave them "seem" to rewarded with the "better life." We are constantly bombarded with the oversexualization of women. In the movies, magazines, television, runway and theatre. It has become so normalize that women have begun to see their selves through these lens.

  14. Good question. However, I have come to the understanding that a lot of these girls don't even KNOW that this is unacceptable behaviour.


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