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X is for X-Rated

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In a recent interview with Pamela Stitch which you can read and listen to HERE, I was asked the following;
In ‘A love rekindled’, we see more explorations of adult themes compared to ‘A heart to mend’. I am talking about sex scenes - how was it writing those sex scenes?
I replied that it was like any other writing. I mean sex is part and parcel of life and relationships, and my books are all about that. I also added that I had three other sex scenes in the book which were cut when I was editing because I believe sex in writing should move the story forward.

Today for that hard letter X in the A - Z challenge, I bring you one of the deleted scenes. Writing for me is about connecting, making my readers feel - cry, laugh, think, and enjoy. Yesterday I made some of you cry, today, allow me to ..........


For a long time they just kissed and Efe enjoyed every second of it. Kevwe moved his hand over her breast. The touch caused Efe to move backward slightly as she was surprised by it but just as quickly she pushed her breast back into his hand wanting more of the touch. Through the sweater, she could feel his hand moving ever so slowly over and around her breasts, first one then the other. And then his fingertip pushed lightly against her nipples. Efe felt as if her nipples were straining under the touch try to force themselves through the fabric of her bra and into Kevwe’s hand.

Kevwe stretched out on the bed and Efe moved fully into his arms. She wrapped herself around him and their arms and legs tangled. Kevwe went back to her lips and they began kissing again. But then he moved the kiss from her mouth to her cheek and then down to her neck and stopped there. He pushed her wrists above her head and held them firm. His mouth moved slowly over the stretched muscles of her neck till he guessed it was well sensitized.

When he started to bite softly, Efe felt hot shivers deep down in belly to her core, and she gasped out loud. He came back up and they kissed. His free hand began to wander again over the full curves of her breasts, squeezing slightly and rubbing his hardness into her thigh, brushing his palm over the hard nub of her nipple through the bra.

Suddenly, Kevwe stopped the kiss and sat up on the bed. Without saying a word or removing his eyes from Efe’s, he unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. Kevwe thought if Efe was going to object, this would be the time. He of course hoped that she wouldn't and as he removed he threw the top to one corner, he saw her eyes drop from his and down to his now naked torso. When he saw her smile, her smiled back and joined her on the bed. She was still dressed in his sweater but he didn’t mind.

Efe had seen his naked chest before but had never watched him undress. Usually, she would have averted her eyes. Now she could take it all in and she found it arousing. He was well built, the width of his chest narrowing down to his hips, with chest hair following the same path. When he joined her on the bed, they lay down next to each other and embraced once again. It was Efe who initiated the kiss this time and began moving her hands all over him.

She stroked his muscular chest and pushed her hips into his, she wanted to feel as close to him as she absolutely could. As she rubbed up on him, she could feel the bump of his arousal as it brushed against her. Efe was pleasantly surprised by how erotic it felt. It was also nice having her soft breasts pressing into his hardness. Not only was it a feeling she had never felt before, it was something she’d like to have a lot of. Their kisses became more passion filled and Efe stopped thinking.

She was all feeling as Kevwe’s palm moved between her legs. Nimble fingers slid easily into the cleft between her upper thighs. Kevwe’s hand began slow steady swirls, round and round, pressing hard against her softness. Strong fingers probed through her panties, and soon a slow sensual rhythm developed. Her breathing became shallow and almost hesitant as he began to speed up. Her desperate cries echoed in the small room as an orgasm built in her belly. A tight coil of passion made her body tremble as it spread through her limbs like liquid fire, her cries growing louder, regular. Her breathing quickened and her body arched in a bow of tension. The pleasure was intense, and she didn’t want it to ever end. When it passed, she collapsed on the bed, weak as a kitten.


Were you able to fill in the blank? :)


  1. i bet for a good writer its almost like an actress taking up a role.I love your response to that question though

  2. These are difficult scenes to write. You did a great job! The first love scene I wrote was awkward. :)

  3. You write excellently, hahah, your response to the question is just perfect!

  4. Myne, arh! Did I allow you to...?
    Lord have mercy. That's why I don't read all the Hardley Chase and stuffs o... haha. Is it the same way we craft words from our heads into paper that you make out this sex scenes too? I imagine you having lots (pictures, experiences, thoughts) going through your mind as you write... or am I wrong? *just curious*

    - LDP

  5. You're right Chizy K and LDP, it's either like an actor and also a writer. You draw from stories, experience and imagination, and you put it out there.

    @Ciara, thank you. I feel this is a bit awkward too and that was why I cut it during editing. :)

    @9jafoodie, thanks dear, I'm working on that, lol....

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  7. You've only just succeeded in increasing my interest Myne,i really do need the hard cover of this book.

  8. Well done! Where's the awkwardness? I don't see it.

  9. Ok now!!! A far cry from ypu write up on BN yesterday. Choi! Ican only imagine what happened with the Mister after you wrote this scene. Does he read your drafts?
    *Clearing my throat*

  10. Even the title didn't give me enough warning for this scene lol.

    Your response to the question hit the spot


  11. Its getting hot in here...somebody hand me a fan!!!

    Myne, you try.

  12. Ok that was some very hawt something :)

  13. It was good, not awkward at all!

  14. wow.. very cool sex scene. It doesnt have a "dirty" feel to it. love it.

  15. Wow! What a scene! Good job Myne :-)

  16. "...she didn’t want it to ever end. When it passed, she collapsed on the bed, weak as a kitten."

    Biko, wetin 'pass'? Myne, you should fill in the blank oh...oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!


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