Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for Trailer - Somewhere in Africa

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I saw this trailer on Youtube and I just had to share it. The movie is not out yet but if I may say so from the trailer, this may be one of the best and soul-stirring movies coming out of Nolly/Ghanawood. I want to assume that if the producers could get a trailer like this from the movie, it is an award winner.

Nollywood is not known for socially conscious or political features so one like we have in this trailer needs as much promotion as possible. No, I do not know the producers, and they have not paid me. I first saw the trailer on - one of my favorite sites - and was very moved. Below are some transcriptions...

Text intro - "Much of these, facts; some of these, fiction. The last two decades however, are unarguably the most turbulent of times for most African nations. Blood like a pond filled our streets, terror like the rising sun greeted our eyes. Somewhere and everywhere in Africa, a dirge was being sung."

Though the movie is set in a fictional country, I couldn't help but think of the ongoing conflict in places like Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Tunisia, and in the wake of the current elections, in Nigeria. So much pain, tears, blood, and much too death! To be honest I shed tears as I watched the trailer, and I had to offer up some prayers.

In conclusion, the movie calls to mind another movie, Sarafina, and like that one, it bears a motivational message, a hope for tomorrow. I pray that hope materializes.


  1. it looks southern African, like Sarafina Number 2.

  2. OMG!!This is a sad video, I couldn't even finish watching it :'(. Did I hear them mention something like Mombasa?

  3. wow i shed tears watching the trailer. especially were they cut of a girl's ear. This right here is africa. It's so so sad. I cant wait for this generation of leaders to pass..they messed up so badly.

  4. Chizzy I agree. Quite a bit of text in song and chants is in language. This is interesting, they did a great job at making it all inclusive. It is simply heartbreaking, I don't know if I could bear to watch it. I'm still haunted by a Rwandan documentary.
    Interesting also is that out local languages are making it into international film. In a club scene in the movie Salt with Angelina Jolie, three girls walk into the bathroom conversing in Xhosa.

  5. wow! so touching...very touching...the trailer says a lot already. God help us in Africa

  6. wow! This is so touching. I sure can't wait to watch it.

  7. Thanks for sharing. I would luv to see it.

  8. It's only when you watch stories like this that relate to the situation in Africa can you really understand the extent of the suffering people are going through in many parts of Africa.
    God please heal our land!

  9. Facinating! I've heard of Bollywood (India's movie business) but I've never heard of Nollywood. I had no idea Ghana had a thriving film production industry.

    This movie looks like something I'd enjoy. Thanks for the heads up.

  10. Interesting. I'm actually interested in seeing this (which is unusual). I loved Sarafina. It made me cry


  11. i'm not watchinggg,plssss.


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