Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for Stanley Adetiba

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He is the 'other guy', the one who almost made the love between Kevwe and Efe a love triangle. But he's so cute! Check him out below.

Actor- Joseph Benjamin

- How would you describe yourself? 
Smooth, handsome - so women tell me, successful at what I do.

- How does it feel to be back in Nigeria after a while away?
Well, it's not been long since I returned - just a couple of months - so I'm still settling down, getting to know what's happening, and getting a feel of things. I left Nigeria just over ten years ago, and things were very different then, so there's quite a bit to adjust to.

- We hear that you're quite a sharp dresser. Any recommendations on style?
Well, you can never go wrong with designer brands. My favourite are Hugo Boss and TM Lewin shirts for that formal look. Then when you want to go casual, Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger are the go-to guys.

- What do you think about the idea of second chances in love? 
They say that sometimes, the ex is an ex for a reason; other times, it could just be a misunderstanding, and you should hear the person out and give them another try. But when two people are really meant for each other, they find themselves getting second or even third chances - things just keep pushing them together.


When my sister first read a draft of A Love Rekindled, she mentioned that usually most "other guys" were mean and that Stanley was different that way. Honestly, it wasn't me. When I brought in the character, he was supposed to be bad, and actually put more obstacles in the way of love. But as I wrote, the character took over. For the writers, has that ever happened to you?


  1. Wow a whole lot. Now I have a little story I wrote, and it has two endings now I have to do a lot of scrutinizing and keep one of them LOL

  2. Oooh, he is smooth and handsome. :)

    Yes, I love when a character's personality just "takes over".

  3. Nice interview. He is really adorable.

  4. Ahhemmmm... he is a looker :D

  5. Nice character but I am literally drooling after the actor. Actually, I have since the first time I set my eyes on him! MW, you "wincked" o. All the actors you are using are just off the easel, you go make person commit mental-sexual sin! Chei!


  6. LOL at he was supposed to be bad. It always fascinates me when writers admit that their characters took a different form than expected



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