Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for Queen Ovie

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No she isn't a real queen, but that was what she would be if she had anything to do with it. Ovie is another of the old friends that support Efe in A Love Rekindled. Hear her;

Movie Director/Producer/Actor - Emem Isong

- How would you describe yourself?
I am street-smart, I tell it like it is, and I am unapologetically ambitious.

- How do you manage to live such an active life?
 That's part of my street smarts. I was brought up in the inland towns of Benin city, and dem no dey teach dat ting o. As someone who hopes to be very successful, I have to know how to work hard and play hard - I'm hoping to become a branch manager in my bank.

- Some people have said that you are too brash and talkative. What do you say to this? 
Well, na dem sabi. That's me, and who no like am dem fit go hug transformer!

- How do you tell whether a club is a good place to hang out? 
Oh man, it depends on the music. If they are laying down solid dance tracks, that's where the party is going to happen. Then I look at the atmosphere - is the place bubbling, with people having fun? Then of course, they have to have a good variety of drinks - me, I like Bailey's Irish Cream.


Verdict? Do you have friends like Ovie, who even when they seem flighty, always got your back?


  1. LOL @'Hug Transformer'
    Every woman needs at least one honest and supportive friend in her life

  2. Lol I love Ovie, she no dey send anyone!

  3. Oh Myne! I love the way you've brought out these characters. She's hilarious


  4. She's not afraid to speak her mind I see..

  5. She seems like a "say what you mean and mean what you say" type of person. :) Loved this short and sweet interview!


  6. I agree with Naijamum, we all one at least one friend like her.

  7. what a beautiful girl and a colorful character! I love hearing her speak, and I do have friends like Ovie--queens of their own domain~ :D <3

  8. I love to meet colorful characters. Being kinda shy myself, I just sit back and admire them in action.

  9. I like and enjoyed this interview the most. She's colourful material and its sweet and short. Loved it.

  10. Ovie says thank you, thank you...LOL...

  11. Im enjoying every bit of this blogfest. The A - Z challenge gives versatile randomness a new meaning.

    Keep it going girl.

  12. Yes I have friends like Ovie:) Great job with this character.

  13. Aww, Emem Isong!Amazing, amazing director! Kudos!!!


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