Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for Ofure Mukoro

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Ofure is the twin of the main character in A Love Rekindled, and the one that first appears at the beginning of the book.

Actor - Desmond Elliot (no he is not a twin...)

- How would you describe yourself?
Cool, calm and collected - very cliched, right?

- Can you tell us what Kevwe is thinking about right now?
Ha! Do you think I'm going to tell you? That guy hardly ever lets anyone into his head. And even if I did know, I wouldn't tell you... OK, OK, let me tell you. I think he's in love - again.

- What was it to live apart from your twin for such a long time? 
Well, we grew up together, but we'd been in boarding school for a while, so living away from home wasn't such a big deal. Besides, we're not so 'twinny' as to feel we need to be everywhere together. And we didn't really feel so far apart anyway, because we had enough opportunities to chat over the phone.

- We hear that you're something of a ladies' man. What's the secret? 
Well, the ladies like me; I like them too, and there's no crime in that, is there? As to the secret, it's not a big deal, really. You just have to know how to show the right mixture of charm and aloofness.


Lady charmer he is indeed. I have news for him. He's definitely getting a lady to cut him down to size. LOL...What about you, can you fall for a player?


  1. I wish I was the lady that will cut him to size,have a good week.

  2. Ofure is getting a lady to cut him down to size? Does that mean there is a part two or another story on its own?:)

  3. I just wanna lay my hands of this book!

  4. @Gretel, LOL...

    @Adura, it's a story of its own. But Efe and Kevwe will be making an appearance. :)

    @Great, very soon.

  5. LOL can't wait to see that lady that will cut him down to size.

  6. wow, I am just seeing the video clip for the first time. I cant wait to see it as a movie!!! Good job Myne!

  7. Nope ~ keep my distance from any 'players' ~ don't need the hassle ^_^

  8. lol he seems more outgoing than his brother :p

  9. LOL...I can see I'm not the only one that can do without players, lol...

  10. Oh i liked Ofure. He really IS cool and calm lol. Mmmh, i think they're players cause it's really easy to fall in love with them without meaning to, so, i dunno oh, i might fall in love with one, but i don't want to!


  11. I haven't read the book and you might have answered it already. Why do the twins have names from different tribes? Ofure is a Ishan name and Kevwe is Urhobo.

  12. Popped in from SITS! This sounds really interesting. I'll have to look more into it.

  13. myne i want the boooooooooook!!! where can i buy it?

  14. @Adiya, he is very smooth, so beware! LOL..

    @Sting, His full name is Akpofure and that is an Urhobo name.

    @Blonde duck, thanks for visiting.

    @Dosh, you can get it on Amazon, or your nearest bookstore. Thanks!

  15. Yeah when I was way younger, like u said he will meet his match someday, ha haaa

  16. Yes I have.

    Is it possible to buy an e-copy in Nigeria?

  17. lol....i thot so after i had left the comment but i didn't think u will give him such a "konk" name :)


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