Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Model

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My name is Myne Whitman and I am a model. A role model I mean, lol...not that you could think otherwise. Atala doesn't really like the picture below, he thinks I look too 'serious' and calls it my Maya Angelou picture. Of course Maya A is a truly inspirational role model, and I tell him it's an honor to be compared to her.

I hope you don't think I'm trying to be big-headed by saying I'm a role model? The truth is that most of us are role models whether we realize it or not, even if only to one or two people, friends, family etc. And that is not a bad thing, and should not be regarded as a burden like some people do. I believe that thinking yourself a role model gives one the inspiration sometimes to keep going.

Also, the importance of role models cannot be overestimated. It is crucial for a lot of us, myself included, to be able to have people we look up to, people we can identify with, and people who inspire us. When we can do this, we are energized because we can see our paths more clearly, and our goals are focused.

As a female writer, I'm never tired of mentioning those whom I've read and enjoyed, and those whose books have shaped me. By acknowledging them, I am acknowledged. As the Igbos say, "He who respects the king will one day be king." Some of them are already recognized but it never hurts to add your voice. So reach out today to your role model and say, "you motivated me".

And before I sign off, I have to say this you reading. Yeah you, you motivate me. :)

Have a great weekend!

For those in Nigeria, hope you're planning to vote?


  1. I agree you are a role model and not just as a writer. You inspire others to strive towards their dreams and goal. Keep doing what you do Myne, yes indeed you are a role model

  2. You are a role model. It is a fact. Keep on doing your thing.

    Thanks for reminding those of us in Nigeria to go out and vote tomorrow.

    have a lovely weekend too.

  3. M is for Myne Model!
    Of course you are.
    Model blogger? How you do it I don't know hopping from blog to blog and making salient comments.#win!
    Model Writer - two books under your belt and two years. #win!
    Model Wife - errr Atala will attest to that I am sure.
    Model Model. Yep as Tuface will say our African Queen *wink* wink*
    Okay dont blush now....But you go girl.

  4. Yes Myne you are my role model.You inspire me!!!

  5. You're right! almost everyone has atleast one person that looks up to them!..:) xx

  6. Of course you are a role model.
    You have always been welcoming and encouraging to new bloggers - like myself.

    Regarding the pictures, I like it because it portrays a 'serious minded' novelist.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. I agree...everyone, even if not a willing participator is a role model to someone, somewhere...
    and Myne you're a very present one to many...

    have a lovely wknd...

  8. you are a role model in more ways than u think. have a lovely weekend, n keep up with d good work

  9. Everyone is a role model, hopefully we're trying to be a good one. I like the picture of you, you are beautiful inside and out!

  10. Not just a role model, but also a success story and a challenge to aspiring writers, male or females!


  11. I am a model,a role model and people look up to me for motivation.
    You are a role model,yhu motivate me.I'll always thank yhu for ever being the first to stumble on my blog and encouraging me and motivating me''sobbing''.

  12. I need to remember this. We are role models to many. All of us. Great post!

  13. "I hope you don't think I'm trying to be big-headed by saying I'm a role model?" Certainly Not!!
    I mean you had a dream and we've pretty much seen you live that dream...that's inspiring.

  14. Yes, we are all role models. The issue now is whether we are good ones or not


  15. Ok ok,i will put all my usual cynicism aside and agree/admitt that yay,you are mucho inspiring Myne!Keep doin whatcha doin!

  16. What a wonderful M post!! (and I agree, your picture on your sidebar seems a bit more friendly with the genuine smile, although I like them both!).

  17. You are a role model in and out and definitely motivates me...keep doing what you do

  18. M is definitely for Myne. It takes a lot of courage, determination, hardwork and grace to do all that you do. May your lines always fall in pleasant places.

  19. I love your alphabet series!! You are definitely a role model and not big headed for thinking so at all!

  20. You are definitely a role model, but if you had said you were a fashion model, I'd have believed it. :)

  21. Blessings....
    I think its beautiful.

    Have a blessed weekend

  22. What a lovely inspiring post :) Bravo to you!



  23. I am inspired by your work ethic Myne.

  24. You really are a great inspiration.

  25. I wish blogger had a "like button"...:)

    I actually like the picture, I think you luk kindda dignified in it

  26. lol @ Maya Angelou picture.
    I find your Atala a lot like my D with his "interesting" way of putting his compliments. Wise men!

    You are a role model to me cos I tell myself that you're so busy, writing you books, putting your work out there and yet you make time to leave comments and spread love allover blogville. I have no excuse for not making an effort.
    M is for Model Myne :o)

  27. We are all potentially role models and may be so without even knowing it. We sometimes don't realize who is trying to emulate us or look at us as an example. This is why we should have an awareness of the image that we project and make an effort to project the image that we want others to see. What we do today may be remembered for a long time to come.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  28. I agree with your guy. That picture get as e

    Keep on being you. That is an inspiration.

    I always reach out to people that inspire me. I am one of those over sabi fans. In fact, na my main work be that. I love it!

    As for role model, I try my best...

  29. That really places a lot of responsibility on one's shoulders, doesn't it? But it's worth it! I motivate you? *blushing* Gee ... Thanks!


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