Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love - The one that got away.

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You know how they say there's always that one person that you should've/ could've spent the rest of your life with? In A Love Rekindled, that could have been the case until fate brought Kevwe and Efe back together. This is a topic that engulfed me while I wrote the book, and I have agreed to discuss it with radio host and presenter, Vera Ezimora. We'll both be dishing on the main characters of A Love Rekindled, and will also take calls and questions from listeners!

You can E-mail all your questions/comments/stories about this show to or text 1.443.934.9039. You can also join the conversation by calling 1.646.929.1905 during the LIVE show. Time and Date is Saturday, April 16 by 10am EST, and 3pm GMT. For more information, visit the Verastic Channel on BlogTalk Radio.

To start the discussion, and to have the opportunity to get quoted during the radio show, leave a comment below. Do you have "The One" that got away? Ever heard of it, and what do you think?


  1. am i first?!!!
    ill definitely put this on my calendar..
    sigh...the one that got away..dont get me started lol

  2. I actually don't have any that got away oh. Great news about the radio show


  3. Hmmm, im not sure if there's really a one that got away. There are a couple that AT THE TIME i thought were "the one" that got away but now i look back and say thank goodness i'm not wasting my time with that one anymore lol.

  4. Once i saw this on my dashboard. My heart stopped this has been bothering me for awhile the ever since I read NYTimes blog post concerning Regrets, and one of the main regret for MEN was "one that got away" Definitely will be emailing you! and just programmed this into my phone to listen!

  5. Ireally thought my firsst school-girl crush would be the "one". We called ourselves husband and wifey and we were so close though he was muslim and hausa. I still dont know how we drifted apart, i guess its cos he's in london and i'm here in the states. Even though we still skype and talk on facebook, its now totally a different kinda relationship without romantic feelings. He's like a male BFF to me.. i guess some things just arent meant to be :/

  6. I'll sure keep a date.
    I have The one that got away,I hope it is. :D

  7. No comment on this

  8. hmmm can't believe there's no one in my past whom i considered 'the one', anyway nice to hear bout ur radio interview


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