Friday, April 8, 2011

G is for Goodreads

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Goodreads is that useful website where you can somehow organize your reading, network with other authors and readers, and even get cool giveaways. Both my books are on Goodreads - A Heart to Mend is HERE, and A Love Rekindled is HERE. If you're on Goodreads, you can add them to your shelf or To-be-Read Pile, and up till June, you can enter for a giveaway of the paperback of ALR.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Love Rekindled by Myne Whitman

A Love Rekindled

by Myne Whitman

Giveaway ends June 24, 2011.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Thanks for visiting, and see you soon. I can't believe how awesome this challenge is turning out to be.


  1. Thanks for sharing the links!

    So many options to purchase your books.

    Keep the fire burning, you tooo mush xx


  2. Ah didn't realise you wrote A Love Rekindled too. Well done. Will check out the links.

  3. I'd not heard of this website. thanks for the links.

  4. Good job Myne. I will check out the link.

  5. Thank you for reminding me of Goodreads!

    You are one of my A-Z highlights today! :)

  6. I LOVE Goodreads!!

    I entered your giveaway!

  7. Good to see you enjoying the challenge. It's good to read what you do with it too. Goodreads sounds like a great idea.

  8. Thanks for the link, will check it out :)

  9. When can we get your book in Nigeria. I really want to read it.

  10. Thnks for sharing the site with us. i'll make sure to check it out!

  11. Thank you all. Goodreads has been an enjoyable site, and yeah, I've won a few books myself too. :)

    @Phiri, you can get AHTM while waiting. It will be there soon.

  12. yes! I love goodreads. I don't use it as much as I probably *could* but it's such a great resource. Thanks, girl! <3

  13. Goodreads? I'll check it out then


  14. I love Goodreads. I'm heading over to check out your giveaway now.

  15. What a great giveaway, Myne, thank you! I have never heard of Goodreads before, but I will go check it out. It sounds really awesome!

    By the way, come sign up for my 100-Followers Blogfest, titled "Inanimation," it's going to be great!


  16. Wow, you are everywhere!! Talk of aggressive marketing. I like your style shaa. Akwukwo oma na erere onwe ya + Author nyere m aka = success!!

    p.s. They do giveaways on goodreads?? Never knew. Where's that my password sef??!!

  17. Nice to meet you! (= Will check out the books.

  18. GoodReads is great. I love it that I can keep track of all the books I read in a year.

  19. More grease to your elbow MW

  20. ..Then, I should go rekindle my love with Goodreads!

  21. I am gonna buy the book and add it to my summer reads, because of the many law books i never get the chance to read..

    but i can't wait for summer, i already have 5books



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