Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for Friendship

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This is an old poem of mine, and this is a great time to share it. To friends, old and new - THANK YOU!

You were there in my time of need
Not knowing the meaning of greed

If I need it, you’ll give your last dime
Rich or poor, you gave me a good time

You did everything a friend should
And treated me the best you could

You comforted me when I was sad
And laughed with me when I was glad

I recall the times we used to share
And I want you to know I still care

I will always try to be there
Whenever, wherever you need my cheer

When you need me, I’ll be there in a hurry
When you are down, you don’t have to worry

Though some things you do may be wrong
Our friendship will ever remain strong


Please feel free to share your stories of friendship. What was the best thing you did for a friend or a friend did for you? Who is your best friend?


  1. What a lovely poem! Friends are the glue that hold us together. Fill us with laughter, hold us when we're full of tears. Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

  2. This is a very lovely poem Myne.It obviously came from the heart.

  3. Beautiful poem on friendship!
    We all need friends right, you know what they say? "count your age with friends but not with years".

  4. wowww,simple and lovely poem.
    ''Dedicated to Ebuk and Eazy Murphatt''.

  5. Beautiful poem! And well worth remembering how wonderful our friends are.

    Great Challenge entry!



  6. Lovely poem myne,i like it,my mum is my best friend :)

  7. its such a lovely poem. I dont think i have A best friend, ive had close friends in the best. Id say my mum is my best friend.

  8. Beautiful thoughts, Myne! You're so right that a true friend will still love you after you've messed up. Hubby has been my closest friend for more than 30 years...and always will be!

  9. Lovely, lovely poem! And what a great word to choose for F.

  10. Beautiful Poem!
    I'm glad to have been blessed with great friends. Friends who stick with u, cry with u, laugh with u and bitch with u. Nice!

    @walk2write: aint u just soo blessed!

  11. Lovely poem. Good friends are blessings in our lives.

  12. How beautiful!! What a nice reminder.

  13. simple and beautiful, just like great friendships..

  14. Really great poem there, Myne! The friendships that I have are one of the things I cherish most in life. Though simple, this poem does a great job of summarizing what it means to be a true friend.

    For me, my best friend is my sister. :)


  15. I love this poem...the simplicity and the truth is so there.

    Its something that will make any friend's day.

    I see you're getting really creative by the day Myne...entering posts in alphabetical order...interesting!

  16. Lovely poem. I really cherish my friends.

    Dedicated to my 2 best friends.

  17. Lovely poem!! i dnt have a best friend but the nicest person in the world i know is my friend felicia from high school. I cnt even type all she did for me but she was truly a Godsent :)

  18. friendship is such a treasure... its a blessing to have one so true.

  19. Great rhyming. And god use of the letter F!! Better a friend than a frenemy ;)

  20. Friends are great. Friendship is like old wine. It gets better with time. (I should twit that as a personal quote, lol).

  21. What a wonderful poem! I'm visiting from the A-Z Challenge and following too :-)

  22. This is a really lovely feel good poem Myne. Thank you for sharing it.

  23. Such a lovely poem! I especially like poems that rhyme :D


  24. Lovely poem. I am following you straight away. May be in doing so I will know how to write. I have been missing out all along.

  25. Blessings ....
    Hope life is treating you kind.
    great poem.

    Have a splendid weekend....

  26. Awwww.. This is so sweet..
    Myne is a softie!


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