Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for Congrats to the Winners!

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As promised, I'm announcing the winners of the Lost and Found BlogFest today April 3. And what do you know, I made a title starting with C too, lol...

The giveaway was to celebrate my 500 followers, and now I have over 550 followers. You're all welcome. The theme for the blogfest was from my new book, A Love Rekindled, which is a love story of college sweethearts. They lost each other along the way and when they found each other again after a decade, love is rekindled. So I asked bloggers to tell me about anything you've ever lost and found, an object, a person, an idea, anything! And they did.

After doing the rounds, these are the winners -

1. Lost and Found Blog Post $25 cash - Trisha @ Word + STUFF. I loved her story, and was impressed that a wallet lost in the USA was found in Ausralia. Please send an email on how to receive your money via paypal.

2. Random from Comments Autographed ALR - Ayokunle Falomo @ Fellow Writer. Please send an email with your postal address to receive the book.

3. Random from People who signed up for the Blogfest another autographed copy - F @ Half and Half. Also send an email with your postal address. Cheers.

4. Sharing the blogfest button on your sidebar wins $10 Amazon giftcard - BBB of Who Am I?? Please send me an email to receive details of your prize.

5. Tweeting about the blogfest wins a free eBook of ALR - Vyvyka @StrategicChic. Send me an email to get your eBook.

6. Five random followers of my blog win free eBooks - PK Hrezo, Teralyn Rose Pilgrim, Nonye Anike @Life and me Unedited, Darbie @Beads and Jeweleries, and Bimbo @Passions, Dreams and Life.

7. A blogger and FB follower also wins eBook - Remi Roy of Royspace followed and left a comment too. Please send an email to receive your prize.

Thanks to everyone that took part. For the winners, my email is myne@ mynewhitman .com

Have a great week, and the A - Z challenge continues.


  1. Myne,I have missed yhu kai and yhu didn't even look for yhur kid sister abi?I'm not yhur friend again.well,lemme say I'm back but not fully,so whoever is top comment should watch out.
    I love this A-Z yhu doing coz yhu doing it in my month of birth,so many specialties are happening this month ehnn.
    Keep the good work going.muah

  2. How did I miss this????
    Anyway, God dey
    congrats to the winners.

  3. Hei!
    congrats to the winners. Guess I missed participating. Look forward to the next. I enjoy stopping by your blog.

  4. congrats to all the winners :)

  5. Hey Myne ~~ dropping in from the A~Z Challenge !
    Congrats to the winners !!


  6. This looks like a busy, busy blog:-)

  7. Congrats to all the winners.

    Blog sis I'm fine o, just school stress. Hope u doing good too? Thanks for checking on me *hug*

    PS: I missed the twitter party :(

  8. Oh YAY i won something
    glad i participated :)
    Thanks id send you an email now

  9. Congratulations to the winners. Myne, your review of my book has earned you 5 entries in my new drawing for an autographed Stephen King book or a Dean Koontz novel. I wish you luck. Have a great new week, Roland

  10. Nice blog that you have here. Congrats to all of the winners. Onward and upward to 1000 followers!

    Sheila Staley : Reviewer & Writer
    Book reviews and Author Interviews at my blog at

  11. Wow, what a great list of prizes! Congrats to the winners!!

  12. Hooray! What a delightful C post, and Congrats to the winners! :o) <3

  13. Isn't that strange how some letters will work out? Myne, I am enjoying this challenge so much. I had no idea. No wonder so many people have signed up. I also have enjoyed reading the different blog posts. Well, on with your C.

    Congratulations to all the winners.

  14. Congratulations to you, Myne, for all of those followers! You're a sweetie and deserve every one of them.

  15. Oh yes, I'm happy about the followers too. I luv your blog. Not surprised others luv it too.

  16. Yay! Congratulations to the winners!! :D


  17. I am a WINNER! Yipee! WOW! This is so good. Thank you Myne! This means a lot to me. Thank you!

    Congratulations to all the winners.

  18. WOWZER! Delighted I won! Congrats to the others as well.

  19. Hi Myne. I just changed my URL. I felt it was too long :)

    Here is the current URL:

    Once again, thanks for the prize!

  20. Hello Darbie, I think the new address is definitely better than the other. Can you send me an email? There is not contact on your profile for me to send you your prize. Cheers!

  21. Wow, I didn't realise - if I did get your email I must have not seen it with domestic blindness or something! :) I'll email you :)


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