Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet City of Mine

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So, I'll be sharing a video I made about the city I currently live in - Seattle. We live in the suburbs and I don't often go into the city, but it's always fun when we do. Well, except for the parking, and the one-way streets that just jump out at you. However, I love walking and can safely say that most places in downtown are within walking distance of each other.

This is for the Sweet City of Mine Blogfest by Holly of Girl About Town" an entry on your blog about your favourite city. Whether it is the city you live in, the place you wished you lived in, somewhere you travel to often or have only been once. Or it could be a city that only you know of, a city that you have created in your own writing. You can post it as a descriptive piece of writing, a poem, a collection of photos, drawings, a video, a scrapbook page, greeting card...It's your city, you choose."

Enjoy the video. If you cannot view it, please check the Bellevue Botanical Garden post HERE.


  1. This is cool, except my Hyderabadi post soon

  2. Thank you for playing along. A wonderful collection of photos of a beautiful city. This is the second post about Seattle...I think someone is telling me I need to make a trip there :) (I will find any excuse for a vaction :)

    Thanks again.


  3. auuuw very beautiful, reminds me that i need a break from london

  4. I love it, OMG! I sure love it, cna't wait to visit someday.

  5. I couldn't view it :( but I've seen the pictures sha. Seattle is sure a lovely place to be in. One of the places I would love to visit someday.

  6. Hi Myne! Thanks for stopping by - and for this video of Seattle! I've never been though I really want to visit b/c one of my short stories is set here.

    It's great that you volunteer; I also teach children at a women's shelter here in L.A.


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