Friday, March 25, 2011

Paint it Purple - Obudu Cattle Ranch

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The earth soared up on both sides of the narrow, winding road and the car slowed down so that we could take in the impressive view. The trees were tall and majestic, covering the mountains for as far as the eyes could see. We soon got to the sharpest bend in the track which was signposted as the Devil’s Elbow and slowed even further. As the summit approached, the terrain became more of rolling hills with swaying shrubs and grass waving in the wind. By the time we got almost to the top, we had sighted a couple of small animals and several different kinds of birds.

That evening as we dined on the balcony of the restaurant, I witnessed one of the most impressive spectacles of my outdoor experience. The sun went down and the horizon became obscured by a stately and continuous movement of the sky. The clouds descended in a swirling mass of vapor that heralded the beginning of a curious twilight. The valley became filled with this splendid mass and to us watching, it was as if the heavens touched the earth.

This blogfest is courtesy of Erin Kane Spock of Courtly Romance. The premise: For those who saw this earlier without the post, I apologize, blame it on bad timing, and the scheduler's imp. I wrote my entry sometime ago for a writing exercise on Nature. It is about a wonderful place we had been to, Obudu Cattle Ranch, where we went for our honeymoon. At the end, I decided this style of writing is not really me. What do you think?

Some Pictures of Obudu Cattle Ranch from the Web.

A couple of our pics.


  1. I don't see your entry! what happened?

  2. This was lovely. What an experience! I don't think the writing is "over-the-top" or wordy. It was excellent, and you described beautifully a special experience. Thanks!

  3. So beautiful, I could almost see it myself. Although the rule says to make it much longer than your original WIP, I think it would be beautiful if you included these descriptions in the actual book (that is, if it's not already there...knowing you, I'm sure it

  4. Thanks Susan, it was the descriptive nature that I found awkward. People seem to like it though.

    @Jaycee, I kind of broke the rules here, lol. I just wrote this as an exercise, and there is no original, not in a WIP or anything. Thanks for reading.

  5. Well, I enjoyed that! And that ranch is gorgeous. Well done!

  6. I heard Obudu Ranch is a wonderful place to be in and from your little description above I'm sure it is.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, blog sister u are now :D. Yep I think I have your email expect my mail soon.

  7. Beautiful pictures!! And you really did pull off the purple rather well - so well, in fact, it didn't seem in any way overloaded! Very well done, my dear.


  8. Beautiful Pictures Myne. I still dont believe this is Cross Rivers!!!

  9. I actually quite love that entry, but then maybe it's a bit flowery for your usual style. Still, it made me want to experience the same thing :)

    I am a sucker for clouds you see! :D

  10. "The clouds descended in a swirling mass of vapor that heralded the beginning of a curious twilight. The valley became filled with this splendid mass and to us watching, it was as if the heavens touched the earth."


  11. Lol! It's stressful reading so much description. I almost always skip it when i see it in books. But this is cool Myne


  12. You know I think, if you tweaked it a bit you could turn this into something beautiful, there were a couple of times when i actually got caught up in the description

  13. That ranch is beautiful, no wonder it moved you toward poetry.
    I actually love the description of the continuous movement of the sky, it evokes very surreal imagery.
    Great entry. Thanks for participating!


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