Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Lovely Blog Award

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So I had a pleasant surprise yesterday when I got a comment yesterday informing me of this award. I actually thought the blog awards season for the beginning of the year was over, but Zan Marie of In the Shade of the Cherry Tree showed otherwise.

Now I have to think very hard so as not to repeat any of the things I might have previously shared about me. Here we go...

- I am nudging the upper limits of the BMI range that is supposed to be best for people of my smallie height.

- We did not have any pets growing up (well, except the odd goat or chicken meant for Christmas or Easter) so I'm not too comfortable living with animals.

- I sometimes joke that I'm so laid back I'm lying flat but I can be very driven too, especially when it comes to time-bound projects.

- I love blogville and the community it has provided.

- Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte was one of the first romance novels I read and started my love affair with the genre.

- I love animated features, have I said this before?

- I think this one may be cheating for those who've read my About Myne tab up there. I love thrill rides and Atala still can't believe I did a reverse bungee.

The other requirements that go along with the awards are to;

3. Pass the awards along to as many as fifteen blogs you have found recently - SEE BELOW
4. Notify the bloggers of their awards - ON MY WAY
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Heather Gardner - The waiting is the hardest part

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Carol - Art Muse Dog

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Opeyemi - Just Stories

Adelle Maria

Adiya - The Corner Shop

You should check out as many of these new blogs as you can. They are really lovely.

ps. One more post before the weekend. See you soon.


  1. aww thnks so much for taggin me
    mwah mwah! :)
    i am scared to death of animals, every single one of them. always entertained the idea of getting a cute puppy but i'm jst too chicken to do so.

  2. thank you so much...
    animals are alright, but i don't want them in my house... i read so much, i dun remember my first book, but my favourite novel at the moment is Ernest Hemingway "Farewell to Arms" and Louis De Bernier "Captain Correlli's Mandolin


  3. thanks a lot for the award! Will do the same too
    I didn't grow up with animals and I don't like animals. Just can't stand them.

  4. Thanks so much for the award! My first ever, what a lovely surprise. I will check out the other awardees soon!
    Scather @

  5. Oh wow Myne!! Thanks thanks for this award!! :D xoxoxoxoxo

    I love animated movies too. My best character is still Simba from Lion King. I actually cried for that movie (and i didn't even cry for Titanic so you can imagine) lol


  6. congrats. awards are such a nice way to honor our blogging friends.

  7. Myne ~ Thank you so much ~ I am grateful to receive the award and more grateful to meet you ~ You sound like a wonderful write with lots to write about ~ My son, Sean was in Uganda last year for a year helping the people to assess their resources and how they can capitalize on those and become more self sufficient ~ He is a gem and enjoyed the year ~ He was liaison for the US Naval Ambassador and the Ugandan Leader ~ so it was a good experience for him and a very different image of the US Navy /military ~ so I have an attraction for Africa ~ ~ Mainly wanted to connect and glad to know where the blog award came from ~ hugs and namaste, Carol ~ artmusedog ^_^

  8. Thanks all, and glad you got the message.

    @Lynda, you're welcome to my blog.

  9. Thank you so much for the award! Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books. I was just thinking about rereading it!

  10. Thanks for the award! I'm such a fan of Mulan. What a great film.

  11. LOL @ "I'm so laid back I'm lying flat". being calm is a good thing.

  12. congrats Myne, and y'all. imma be checking your blogs out.

  13. BMI limit... hit the gym sister!
    Animated movies are awesome, especially after a hard day's job.
    I dont like animals too, so i can relate.
    Australia is beaautiful... and bungee jumping??? I'll add that to my list

  14. BMI limit... hit the gym sister!
    Animated movies are awesome, especially after a hard day's job.
    I dont like animals too, so i can relate.
    Australia is beaautiful... and bungee jumping??? I'll add that to my list

  15. congratulations on your award. Will check on the new blogs.

  16. Congrats on the award!

    Interesting to hear these things about you. :-)

  17. Congrats. A new follower of urs, would love u to 'retaliate',lol!

    Join me:

  18. Congrats on your Award! And congrats to all winners!

  19. I love animated movies too. And now I have a child to use as an excuse to go watch them!

    Thanks so much for the award. I appreciate it. The blog community has been very supportive and entertaining. I'm so glad I have discovered all of you awesome bloggers!

  20. True confession: I have not read Jane Eyre

    But I wanna read it though

  21. You have been tagged...with the One lovely blogger award...check it out..have a fun weekend.

    Haven't had time to check out new blogs...will do once I get some free time...:=) I tagged you again, love your reply Myne

  22. Thank you so, so much! I really appreciate it!

    I think it would be hard to be OK with having pets if you didn't grow up with one.

  23. Thanks for all the lovely comments.

    @Harry, you really need to read Jane Eyre. There's a new movie coming out too.

  24. Myne, thanks so much for the award! I can't wait to check out the other blogs you have listed. :)

  25. Wow I am so honored to be given an award by Myne Whitman; an amazing author. I am so humbled....thanks a lot for the support!

  26. Myne, I have spotlighted you in this week's Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop:

  27. Myne, i've also given u this award on my own blog lol :)

  28. Awwww.... Thanks so much Myne,

  29. I'm probably the last to say thank you, but better late than never, so thank you so so much, i am really grateful

  30. congratulations on the award.

    Deserved :)


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