Thursday, March 3, 2011

Celebrating World Book Day - My Book Promo Video

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So I just found out that today was World Book Day. So how do we celebrate?

By sharing this video which was made by Lowla Dee, a writer of short stories on She used the news promo which you may have seen on some sites. What do you think? Can you spot the typo?

Full Book Trailer coming soon!

To continue the celebration, remember to buy a book today, read one, give one as a gift, donate to your nearest library, hug a writer/ author/ blogger/ yourself.

Have fun. Next post coming shortly.


  1. pens?

    awwww....*sigh* i like love things sha

  2. have very sharp eyes..

  3. i'm totally hugging myself :p
    didnt even know there was anything like world book day lol

  4. Joining you to celebrate...just bought a book I will be reading during the nights and since I am the only writer around, I am hugging myself :-)

    The type actually looks correct "pens" :-)

  5. awesome trailer! Congrats, Myne! And happy world book day~ :o) <3

  6. there have a world book day? I had no idea. Happy world book day then : )

  7. Thanks KitKat, Rita and LTM

    @BSNC, I didn't know that too. But hey, it's a good thing right? :)

  8. wow

    thank you for the info. I didn't know there are " World Book Day "

    will definitely buy a book later from the Book Fair expo held here in conjunction with our 27th National Day.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.. and please share your link HERE

    Thank you

  9. I didn't notice any typo and I was looking out for it...

    Happy World Book Day.

  10. @H, thank you very kindly, lol...

  11. Like your book trailer, Myne, good on ya!

    I'm playing blog tag from blog frog.

    To answer your question, it's too hard to pick a favourite country. Among my favourite candidates are: Uganda (most beautiful; most generous people) USA (most impressive, most diverse) Australia (there's just no describing it) Ireland (softest green; best accents; world's best husband is from there) and of course Nigeria (progressive and resilient and Myne lives there!)

    How's that?

  12. @That's life, that's a great list. <ost are on my to visit list..

    @Wendy, you got that. :)

  13. Yup...I saw the "pens" typo also!

    It was a nice promo...lookin forward to the full one...

    And I love the new template...the colors pop!

    Congrats Myne!

  14. I just hug myself now cos i'm the closest to a writer i know who's around.But i'm cyberhugging you too Myne.*hugs*

  15. Awesome trailer. I saw the typo too...hehe.

    Happy World Book Day :)

  16. Hugs back to you too ANaijaGreat, and to you all too. Let the book days continue...

  17. bigs hugs, celebrating unpublished authors cos its not easy to become published... i bought 4 books fact i think i am addicted to books...loll... which it was something else... love the trailer... keep it up mine.

  18. Thank you dear, the journey to publication is certainly not easy. Lets keep encouraging by buying others, and people will buy us too.

  19. Nice Video and as for the book,its now on my list of books to buy. Thumbs up Myne!

  20. Myne, i loved your book, A heart to mend, i am a proud owner of that book, how can i also get A love rikindled and how much is it please...Lilian


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