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Can a heart really break?

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"Anyways, the basic idea is to write about a heart breaking or one that is already broken. Show us the wretched emotions, the anger, depression, fear, whatever happens after the happy honeymooon lovey-dove V-day stuff is over and all that is left is a broken heart." Says Dawn Embers of In the Book DE

So I'll be sharing with you all a snippet from A Love Rekindled, my forthcoming book. It is one of the most poignant for me while I was writing the book. Read on and tell me what you think...

“Listen, this is the last time I’ll say this.” Chief Mukoro said, and shook a be-ringed finger at her. “I told Kevwe why Itsekiri people cannot be trusted, and he has accepted another suitable girl I chose for him. He's changed his phone number and moved out of his house, how else can he show he doesn’t want you anymore? Leave him alone!”

His words hit her like stones, leaving burning nicks in their wake. It couldn't be true, Kevwe would not choose another girl over her. “But we promised…”

“Promised what?” he pushed his face closer to hers. “Kevwe doesn’t want you. You’re not good enough for him. He can’t see where you fit into his future, and that’s it.”

“Please sir, I don’t understand…I’m sorry, but can I see Kevwe, talk to him…”

The force of the door cut her off as it slammed in her face. Efe trekked all the way to campus like one in a daze, calling on Nneka, who then followed her to her room. By the time they got there, Nneka knew the whole story. Two days later, Efe still refused to leave the shroud of her sheets.

“Why? Why? How can it end this way? If Kevwe had to reject me, at least he could do it to my face.” She sobbed, tears trickling from her eyes.

“Efe, it’s enough; stop crying. Remember, exams start next week...”

“You don’t know how I feel, or you wouldn’t be saying that,” Efe cried. “No crying will be enough, and of what good are exams if Kevwe has broken up with me?” She scrubbed at her nose. “Kevwe was everything to me, my past and my future. I loved him with my very soul. How could I continue life without him?”

“Efe, you’ll make yourself sick o.”

Efe sat up, “I want to go home, and I don’t want to come back to this place again. How can I come back where I may see Kevwe with someone else, or hear news of his wedding? You know how Benin is such a small place.”

Deep sobs welled up in her throat again as if to strangle her. “After three years with Kevwe, he rejects me. Why should I stay here, or remain in this country? Eh, tell me, why?”

Ovie came in at that point, talking as she strutted to the side of the bed, “What is this I hear?”

“Kevwe may have broken up with Efe…” Nneka replied.

Efe looked up. “Is there any doubt about it? His father told me. I’d been hoping he would call, but he hasn’t.” In the two days since that visit, she'd gone from confusion to resignation. If Kevwe could harden his heart to cut her off like this...

“So he couldn’t face you to tell you himself?” Ovie demanded as she sat. “I saw him today, and he wouldn’t talk to me too.”

“You saw Kevwe, today?” Time seemed to move in slow motion, and as Efe sat straight, she felt dizzy for a moment.

“Yes. On my way to First Bank, I saw him at UBA Akpakpava, near the roundabout. When I said hello, he ignored me. Maybe he thought I already knew about the break-up ...”

“Are you sure it was him you saw?” Efe clutched her chest. The ache in her pounding heart was becoming real.

“I’m sure. You know how I complain about his habit of jangling his keys all the time as if he’s the only one who has a car. It was the sound that caught my attention, and he was with another girl.”

Efe stopped thinking, her breathing also seemed to cease. Ovie had just confirmed her worst nightmare. All the blood in every single part of her body drained to her heart, making it expand, and it pushed against her ribs as if to burst loose. Efe sprang out of bed, screaming in fear.

“Efe stop it, stop it right now!”

She came to her senses to find Nneka and Ovie restraining her on the bed. Two girls were at the door, but Ovie went and pushed them away. Her ears rang and her eyes felt hot with piercing pain. One thought seized her mind, echoing in her head over and again until everything blurred together. Kevwe had another girl. Kevwe had another girl. Nneka and Ovie murmured above her head, but they sounded far away. Efe wondered if she was going mad. She closed her eyes and blanked her mind, but the thought refused to go.

“He has another girl. Nneka did you hear? Kevwe has another girl.”


So, can a heart really break? Talk to me...


  1. This is wonderful! I remember the utter hopeless feelings of young love. It's so different from a mature relationship but is so raw at the time. I really like this piece.

  2. Loved this, Myne! Thank you for sharing.

  3. cant wait to read this book. the pain from being rejected by someone u love especially at a young age is quite agonizing. I literally could feel my chest contract with pain and thought i'd die from it.

  4. This is such a lovely piece.. i really feel the girl's pain :/
    and yes, a heart can break so bad that it may be impossible to fix it.
    thats why some widows/widowers find it hard to remarry after they lose their partners..or some heartbroken sumbody finds it difficult to trust someone else or date someone else.. broken heart syndome is a serious matter :/

  5. i love this piece and yes a heart can be broken, the effect depends on how emotionally attached you were to your partner

  6. Can a heartbreak? Yes ke. And I know I wont let it happen again. It's the most physically painful experience. Tears are the least of it....You know how your heart beats when you're tense or running fast? When you hear the bad news from/about your loved one, your heart starts beating at so fast a rate, you hold on to your chest cos its just keeps expanding and you're now afraid its gonna burst out. Then it abruptly stops the mad beating and bursts. You can feel the filling -the blood pouring out of the burst vessel. You look around and wonder why you're still breathing. why no-one is calling an calling an ambulance. Think of a burst car tire.... And somehow, you know the bounce in your heart is gone and what's now left is a tiny shrivelled core doing the job of keeping you alive..nothing more. Deep inside you feel it could never grow again, bounce again, expand again to encompass another. But thank God for God and friends and music. You'll love again!!

  7. One more thing, I don't think it has anything to do with age. It can be that painful and raw at any age. Prolly worse when you re older. It just depends on how much you've invested in the relationship. Look at Efe who had prolly planned her future around Kevwe's.

  8. Auuw so nice
    i know how painful heart break can be, but moving on may b hard but its the easiest way to move on

  9. Thanks for all the comments.

    @Ginger, that was a scary description right there! Wow!

  10. So painful to read. You did an amazing job of showing utter despair. Loved this.

  11. yup
    A heart can definitely break, you see what ginger described all sleepless crying nights to it, self-doubt, up and much worse a heart can definitely break, and its not a laughing matter

  12. Wow this entry was fantastic! I loved the dialogue going on between the characters. By the way you use some really unique and interesting names. "Nneka" is beautiful.

    This is a great blogfest :) Soooo much fun.


  13. I use to think heartbreak only happened to others but I now know what it feels like... I can't wait to read this book when it's all done...

    P.S. I admire your writing style.

  14. Hey Myne! Yep, it surely feels like it can. I glanced at a few of my old posts the other day, talk about a place of heartbreak. The good thing, of course, is that it doesn't last forever. Looking forward to reading more :-)

  15. Oh this was so great, so dramatic, so touching. I loved it. Great entry.

  16. Great snippet! Myne, you're really talented. And yes oh, a heart can be broken. But the extent depends on how emotional the person is, and how unexpected the heartbreak was i suppose


  17. Really heart wrenching. I hate sad stories like this. At least, I have consolation in the fact that it all ended well and the confusion was cleared, only that it took so many years. And she must have gone through hell at the initial stage of the heart break. Sad indeed

  18. This might have just lifted my writer's block. I just put up my entry in the blogfest. Thanks a lot Myne.

    I loved this as well. I really want to read this book, Myne. Well done.

  19. Heartbreaking indeed, although--get over him, girl! No man is worth so many tears!

  20. Lovely piece...
    Can a heart break? Definitely
    Not only from unrequited love but from lost hope
    I remember that I was heartbroken after a job contract ended. The pain was more than losing a lover *smile*

  21. yes o! it can break in every literal sense of the word. BREAK

  22. So beautifully written! I do believe a heart can break but I have come to learn that it is through those dark times of disappointment that we become stronger. We learn to watch for certain behaviors that we perhaps missed the first time around and we are more careful. This can be a bad thing if we build a wall around our hearts, though, because we will never be allowing anyone in. But that is what love it, there is always a little risk involved. It is just how you go about your situation that makes all the difference :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  23. Yeah a heart does break, I've never witnessed it but I've seen my friend go through it and it was BAD! as in very BAD!!!

    Nicely written :)

  24. Thanks for the comments. I often wondered this as I wrote ALR. Seems most people agree with what I found.

    @Naijamum, you're right. In the blogfest, there were all sorts of heart breaks, jobs, family death and loss, etc

  25. Wow! Beautifully described! I could literally feel Efe's pain n profound.

    I won't really agree that a heart can break, i mean literally of course not. I think its more of a cliche attached to getting dumped or being disappointed......I would say one can get hurt or devastated. If one's heart is broken, then one's as good as dead. We get over the hurt even though it may be tough.

    I look forward to ALR.....

  26. I felt as if my heart was breaking for her. I could truly feel the tension. Great job!

  27. How sad! And how horrible to have prejudice ruin love like that!

    Thank you for sharing!


  28. my heart is broken...
    great work! :D <3

  29. Thanks everybody,

    @LTM, I hope not, lol...

  30. I love this! Thank you so much for letting us read it.

    And yes, a heart can break. Mine broke once, many years ago. I cried so hard I thought I would die, long into one of the worst nights of my life, and went around for weeks afterwards like a ghost. I always draw on that experience when writing of heartbreak. As you've so perfectly described it here, it's a very real and very physical phenomenon.


  31. Thanks for reading Jane. I've not experienced it but friends always insisted it was physical.

  32. I think so.
    But not physically
    Its more of emotionally
    disappointed and unmet

    Good thing is that there
    is always an open door around
    the corner
    You just have to open your
    eyes on time and see it

    God plans good always.

  33. I wish there was like button like facebook for many of these comments.

  34. Just saw this. Thought to share...

  35. A broken heart (in the real sense) is as good as dead. It can be thorn apart though (ever wondered why the heart has very tough tissues), but not that easily. Blessed are the hearts that can bend, they shall not be broken.


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