Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Book Twitter Party.

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To celebrate the release of my second novel, A Love Rekindled, there'll be a virtual party on Twitter on Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 10am Pacific Time, 1pm Eastern Time, and 6pm UK and Nigeria Time. Hostesses are Michelle @BombChellATL, Eva @ EvaAlordia, and @Verastic.

What is a Twitter Party, and how does one take part?

A Twitter Party is a great way to have fun, make new followers, and this time you can win prizes too.
During the A Love Rekindled Twitter Party we will be discussing ways to rekindled love, creative ways to apologise, and how to set your love on fire!
Join the party by searching for the hashtag #torekindlelove and #ALRbook and adding both to your tweets that fit the discussion.
You can also retweet other people's tweets if they are part of the party.

To win prizes, all you have to do is participate! It’s that simple. The party will last for two hours, and my winners will be selected every thirty minutes. I say my winners cos there are others taking part in the party, with their own prices to give away. From me, you could win…

1. An Amazon gift card of $10 from Amazon.com (must live in the US)
2. A discount coupon for 30% to buy ALR from the Createspace eStore.
3. A discount coupon for 20% to buy ALR from the Createspace eStore.
4. A discount coupon for 10% to buy ALR from the Createspace eStore.

Finally ...

The Party will be featuring guest appearances by Nollywood stars under the management of E4PR, so before the A Love Rekindled Twitter Party starts, make sure you are following at least two of the peeps below. They'll be selecting the winners and by following, you ensure you can get a DM notifying you if you win any of the prizes.

Myne @Myne_Whitman

Egor Efiok @E4PR

Chioma Chukwuka @omakpotha

Monalisa Chinda @monalisacode

Susan Peters @realsusanpeters

Desmond Elliot @deselliot

Igoni Archibong @IgoniArchibong

Extra Entries

Tweet about the A Love Rekindled Twitter Party using "Join @Myne_Whitman for the A Love Rekindled Twitter Party April 2 at 1pm EST  #ALRbook

Tweet about the prize you want to win at the A Love Rekindled Twitter Party using "I’m going to win free copies of A Love Rekindled at the Twitter party #ALRbook


  1. Congrats! The party sounds like fun. Who doesn't love prizes! christy

  2. I would love to participate in it, but there's already a firm commitment (in ink!) on my calendar. I wish you all the best in your book launch and contest.

  3. Thanks Erica, and walk2write! I appreciate your support.

  4. Yay! one more party to crash in my pjs. I am so excited for u. I hope I remember to pot this on my side bar.

  5. Found you from the A-Z Challenge, it sounds like it’s going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to get started!! I’m now following your blog on GFC and I hope you have a chance to check out my blog and maybe follow me back!!

  6. Looking forward to the twitter party. Curious. Never been to one before


  7. alright i'll be at the party :)

  8. Thank you all.

    @Joanna, that's the best part of a twitter party, right?

    @Monica, I'll check you out.

    @Corner shop and Kitkat, see you there. :)

  9. Aw man, sadly I do not have Twitter. :( But I hope the party goes well, it sounds like it will be a blast! :D



  10. :( I am not on twitter. I will spread the word on Tumblr :D

  11. Congrats on the book launch and all the best @ d party...I'm not on twitter, so I can't party with you this time...but have fun.

  12. I'm not on twitter but I'll def spread the word
    Hope you have a good launch and I'll be getting my copy off Amazon

  13. Twitter Party?! Sounds like fun!
    I will put it as a reminder!

  14. The party sounds like fun, I shall be on twitter that day even tho my account has been dormant.

  15. Thanks all, for those not on twitter, please spread the word wherever you are. Those on twitter, see you there!

  16. Hmmmm,k....
    I'd see if I can make it..
    There should be a V.I.P section ooo..
    Cos that's where I intend to be.. lol

  17. Congrats on the completion of the book and its upcoming launch. I love the idea of a twitter party!

  18. Thanks 2cute and GNG, the Twitter party went really well!

  19. congratulations on the release of your second book! a virtual party sounds like fun.


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