Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book Launch! March 31 - April 3!

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Hello everyone, I need your help and support.

My new book, A Love Rekindled is launching from Thursday March 31st to Sunday April the 3rd. I'll be grateful if you can sign up below to take part in the month-long book premiere. There will be the official release of the book trailer video, a real-time online chat on my blog, where you can ask me anything, a Twitter Party, a Facebook discussion, casting call for the main characters, and many more. I can only do all these if you can offer me the use of your blogs, Facebook or Twitter. The blog tour continues afterwards too. Please help me spread the word.

Advance review from Lara Daniels, author of Love at Dawn - A recommended "Spring" Read

It was a novel that I enjoyed tremendously. As a sucker for poignant romances with premises of new beginnings, I found A Love Rekindled right up my alley. The theme of a love, once lost, then found again, touched a deep chord within me, such that I found myself emotionally revved up at the finale when the main characters declared their love to each other. Another reason why this book touched me is that it exposed the insidious prejudices that different cultures may have towards another – a bias that has unfortunately damaged relationships – often times permanently.


  1. congrats on your new novel. It's always a great achievement to have ones work published and greater when it is accepted.

  2. Congrats Myne! Keep soaring Higher!

    Stay Blessed!

  3. Congrats dear.. will add the count down to my sidebars thats if i have but will talk about your book anytime i write a post.
    good job and keep it up.

  4. congrats myne. are you self publishing this time again ?

    Congrats, you are a typical walk the talk persona and truly an inspiration

    All the best

    The other day i walked into a random bookshop in my area and saw the previous novel and i was really excited

    Stay Blessed...the only way to go is UP

  5. Congrats on the new book Myne,i'm really happy for you and i look forward to owning a copy!

  6. I'd be happy to help out, Myne. Would love to host a guest post/giveaway. Congratulations!!! :-)

  7. Myne u didn't visit my blog :(

  8. congrats! I hope the launch is fun and successful for you :)

  9. Myne! Congratulations again. Looking forward to it


  10. I can't fill in the box thing for some reason but I'd be happy to help out on Twitter and Facebook!

  11. Couldnt understand how this was supposed to be done. So since I am techno-illiterate like that...I have the trailer on my FB... Congrats again..


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