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I fell so deeply in love - Real Love Story

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Binyerem Ukonu of Ink Upon my Paper is a writer and published author. For today however, he'll be sharing about his recent (December 2010) marriage and the story behind it. Can money buy you love? Read on...

Ok! She is going to kill me at this one, but I must say this. When I met my wife, I did not know she was my wife, because she was so small and innocent. Her cousin was my friend, and I had gone for a street carnival along his street. He made sure I was there, after series of calls from him. Finally, I decided to go for the party with two friends of mine. It was towards the end of December, 2007, and it was in Owerri. It was meant to be the end of year party for their neighbourhood. It was fun to have gone. We had comedians of all sorts, and dancers, even those that danced with their belly on the bare floor.

I stood with my friend – her cousin, I remember, under a whistling pine tree, close to a yellow bus. It was in front of their house. He told me that his cousin – a girl – had just visited them from Lagos. He said that she was around for his sister’s wedding. It was even then that I knew that my friends sister was about to wed. She was in the navy, I remember. So, he called his cousin out and introduced her to me as Adaobi. She smiled all through our chatter. She was innocent indeed. I promised to see her the next day, but never did. I saw her again after three years, and it was then that she became my girlfriend. I had gone to Bonny Island, and she was still in Lagos, working with a bank.

I fell so deeply in love with her. Something had changed in her. She was now more mature, and spoke like a career woman. And nothing puts me on a high more than that. We promised not to let anyone know we had something together, and we kept our promise to each other. The day I proposed to her, we were hanging out with a few friends, and I looked at her and couldn’t resist it. I immediately pulled out my phone from my pocket, and composed the four word question; WILL YOU MARRY ME? I had only ten thousand naira in my bank account when I sent that sms. People that want to get married always keep good money in the bank. I waited, and finally, I my phone rang, at first. It was YES. I immediately ordered for more drinks, but no one knew why. I guess I am one of those that proposed without a ring.

We wedded three months after the proposal, on the 29th day of December, 2010. I dated Adaobi for eleven months. Our wedding was grand, and I can not remember who I invited that couldn’t make it. Even amongst writers, I had Ebenezer Alamie, Chizitere Ojiaka and Onyeka Nwelue. I overheard my best man telling someone that what he loved most about this couple (us) was the love that dwelt between them (us). To make things more beautiful, she understands the point that I am a writer. Not all partners do. I never believed in the myth surrounding 14th February, but I’ll celebrate this year’s valentine. As this season of love comes and passes by, I’m glad I’ve achieved a book, and a wife.


  1. I am first for the first time! Yipee!

  2. Love WANTINTIN!
    Well done Myne!

  3. i dont understand, did she quit the navy?

    He proposed with N10k to his name and they were married 3months after???? Guts... Huh???

    Why was the relationship a secret???

  4. Myne, i just discovered i was first to comment on the last post.... *grin*
    i'll like to have chapter 20 pls. (

  5. Nice read actually but like PETProject asked, why are people usually private about their love life atimes?

    - LDP

  6. Why date secretly is the question...
    But sha, i like their story

  7. @Dee, na serious love wantintin o. lol
    I'm curious about the secret relationship as well. Nice read tho, and a whole lotta guts + faith to propose with 10grand and marry 3 mths after.

  8. Hmmmn, this is kinda different from the usual 'mush mush'....Love in dimensions. I'm also wondering why bros didn't want sisi to proclaim their love initially.....was she too young for him?

  9. Please remember that this is not fiction, it is real. We all have different ways of doing things.

    For those asking about the bank balance, money is not everything. You don't need a million to have a wedding or get married.

  10. @ Dee, Congrats! Let me know which chapter you'll like to read.

    @P.E.T, Chapter 20 coming right up! LOL...

  11. Hearty congrats to Binyerem Ukonu for the book and his wife...lovely...

    What is most exciting for me is the way he proposed...sooo unique...

  12. cute....boys are so funny when it comes time for the big question!

    swinging by from the blogfest, and following so I don't miss anymore good stuff.
    The Survival Mama

  13. Hmmmmm,me likey! Congrats to the man with guts o.Now he has a book and a wife,that's the life! hehehehehe

  14. Hmmm.This is quite different from the usual. Like my father will always say, "there is no formula to life".
    Regarding the =N=10,000 in his account when he proposed, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.
    Thank you for sharing.

  15. How sooooo romantic. I adore men like this, 11 months and he knew what he wanted and went for it!

    I wish the best life has to offer as a couple!

  16. Haha @Dee! Love Wantintin lol! So, if it's yours, let it go, and if it comes back it's yours right? lol

    I didn't think it was true that people proposed via SMS oh! Seems a bit impersonal.

    I'm happy for them though. He sounds happy :D

    @Myne, thanks so much for stopping over my new blog! :D :D


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