Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekend Pictures - Voter Registrations in Nigeria

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Have you performed your civic duty?

I wish I were in Nigeria now so I could take part in the voter registration exercise currently going on in the country ahead of the April elections. I'm one of those people that love standing in queues for something I may never get, can't you tell? (LOL...) But seriously, it took me three tries but I managed to get the Nigerian ID when it first came out and I still carry it proudly.

This time, it's even more important. Most of us complain daily of how much things are wrong in Nigeria, and now is an opportunity to begin to put things right. As one who as been there before, Donald Duke pointed out how difficult it is to rig an election when higher percentages of the citizenry vote. And how can you vote when you're not registered?

Let's give the thugs a run for their money, people. Carry your mats and han le le. If it means sleeping at the INEC booths, then so be it! OK OK...don't bite off my head, lol. I know you still have work, school, home, church etc etc. But try eh? For the sake of other Nigerians, and for the sake of the future. Even if you don't live there now or plan to leave, who knows eh?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and please spread the word, #enoughisenough #rsvp


Pictures from around the web. Click to go read up on what's happened so far...


  1. Yes oooo. It is very important to register. I endured hours on the queue cos I had to leave town the weekend after they started the voters registration and won't be back till its over but I did not mind o. I must vote and I am voting bcos that's the only voice I have in this country.

  2. I cant register because I'm not there.
    Maybe its time we open up the election process to Naija Diaspora?

  3. Also, you might want to post your registration experience on this site:

    The reports on the site make interesting reading; it's also worthwhile alerting others to the site (especially INEC officials) so that they can see how good or poor a job they are doing.

  4. I did not register because it is likely I will not be available to vote on election days. Don't want to give anyone the opportunity of tampering with my vote.

  5. Kudos @iLola, and have a good trip. Remember to vote too.

    @Naijamum, I believe the dialogue is going on, we'll see how it goes.

    @Tola, thanks for sharing.

    @Natural, that's a reasonable way to look at it. Have a nice Sunday...

  6. I have tried twice to no avail, I'm hoping my next try would be successful :)


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