Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Pictures - Out and About Asaba

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I have left Asaba and don't know when I will be back. But the memories continue...

The state secretariat annex

New CBN office on Marryam Babangida Way

State house of Assembly

Elders deliberating in front of the House of Assembly. Wish the members were as honorable as their names

Campaign headquaters for PDP and the Jonathan-Sambo ticket

Nnebisi Road - Asaba High street if you will...

Not sure who, statue at junction of old Anwai road

Police doing their usual

Delta State university, Anwai

Palm Plantation and Press for the school's Agric Econs Faculty. There was no one there or I would have bought some palm oil for my stock. :)

A fast food place, no ad but I got good ice cream there.

A church on summit road, isn't it interesting how they're taking over all factory and warehouse looking buildings around?

Ogbogonogo Mordern Market - Very busy indeed. That water tank in the background was our marker when we lived in Enugu and visited Asaba at Christmas that we had arrived.

A statue of the Omu (Women's Leader and voice), I think

St Josephs Catholic Church Asaba, over 100 years old

Grand Hotel Asaba

Makossa Dancers at the Live Band Stage of the Jetty Bar

Christmas Tree in front of the Hospital

Free Viewing of Cable TV - seen in three different spots. Seems to have caught on especially for football matches.

Christmas Decorations

As the sun goes down - streetlights come up

Night about town

The lighted tree..


  1. Blessings .....
    Thanks for the visual tour. Read a the little bio her, very interesting.

    Have a wonderful day
    Stay blessed.

  2. Lovely pics Myne
    I hope you had a great time there
    Safe jorney back

  3. ....ooops...I meant safe JOURNEY back home *smile*

  4. A real out and about... from morning till

  5. l miss ya, when you coming back..sobs! Miss home tres much just seeing your

  6. Take care and safe journey back home..Lovely
    did I tell you I got your book? It was very interesting.

  7. How can I fastfood place be without ad? lol. What sort of ice cream do they sell there? lol

    Wait o, is that the gate of Delta State University? FAIL! lol

    Good pictures ma.

    - LDP

  8. You really had fun cos this is the whole of Asaba you've got here

  9. Thanks all,

    @LDP, hahaha...nice ice cream.

    @Emeka, Asaba is bigger than this o, :)

  10. Nice pictures. Mmmmh, i think most Nigerian towns look like this lol.

  11. Wow, Asaba has changed soo much (for the better) from my last stay there in 2005. I'm not gonna dance for the Governor yet but its good to see progress shaa. Sad we have to celebrate street lights but what can we say. Hope you enjoyed your stay there.

  12. Nice pics.... so you're paparazzi as well as writer :D

  13. I am from India and stay in asaba for last 4 months and feel very happy that u loved the place as much as I fall in love with Asaba and the people, U have cover almost all the places, ya one good thing is Swimming pool of Nelrose , beautiful architechture, Government House - Pool site,

    Try some time these place and enjoy



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