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Love is All - Top Ten Music BlogFest

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This Blogfest is thanks to Alex Cavanaugh who says,

Music moves us. It inspires us! Now, tell the world YOUR ten favorite songs of all time. The Song, the band – why does it move you?"

My name is Myne Whitman and I am a music buff. I love love music. After food and air, books and music are in top contention of what I could not do without in my life. Almost no day goes by that I do not listen to music. I was brought up in a house where both parents loved music, and there was always music playing, either from records or the radio. My Dad had a book on song lyrics from back in the 60s and 70s and continues to buy music to this day.

I moved from my parents eclectic taste during my teenage years to my own favorites. I found that I preferred ballads and easy listening music. Soft rock, pop, R&B, new age and classical were the type of music I gravitated to. But most of all, I loved when I could hear clearly the lyrics of a song, and when it seemed the music had a special message, just for me. This ruled out a lot of songs which I sometimes listened to, mostly on the radio, but did not warm to, including Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, or Electro Funk. I also think that individual singers do better than bands, but that's just me. It could just be that most of my favorite songs are by single artistes than bands.

There are some musicians that did not make it to my list but that doesn't mean I like them less than the ones featured. Musicians like Elvis Presley, Yanni, Enya, Linkin' Park, Eminem, Sting, Michael Bolton, and Banky W. Elvis Presley has one of the best voices and killer eyes ever, Eminem made me love rap, Michael B sang me into my first love, Yanni can take me to a higher plans anyday, and Banky W, let's just say, "He dey do me Strong Thing".

Without further ado, my top ten tunes - in no particular order - are below. These songs have made me laugh, they have more often made me cry, some are original soundtrack of movies, they have accompanied me as I fell in love, and healed me as I got over heartbreak. Best of all is that they all talk about love. For me, LOVE IS ALL...

1. Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers

2. My Heart will go on - Celine Dion

3. Man in the Mirror - Micheal Jackson

4. Have you ever really loved a woman - Bryan Adams

5. I'll always love you - Whitney Houston

6. Don't want to miss a thing - Aerosmith

7. Un-break my Heart - Toni Braxton

8. Sleeping Child - Micheal Learns to Rock

9. Obimuo (My Heart, My Love) - Obiwon

10. And I'm telling you - Jennifer Hudson


  1. interesting selection. i love music and novels so much as well

  2. Nice compilation there, Myne. Haven't heard Obimuo (My Heart, My Love) - Obiwon but can sense it's going to be the kind of song I'd like.

  3. Wow, your tastes are very 80s mainstream! great list though! No Paula Abdul?? ;o)

  4. Wow, your tastes are very 80s mainstream! great list though! No Paula Abdul?? ;o)

  5. You've been tagged, missy. TISB: The irresistibly sweet blog. Have fun!

  6. what a great selection of music
    thanks for the melody's,

  7. I love that Aerosmith song!
    Great list!

  8. good stuff here! And that unbreak was Braxton's ticket to the top, yes?

    great post~ :o)

  9. Nice list! Almost all of those would be on my "favourite cuddly lovely cozy music" list, lol. Don't know Obiwon, though...will have to check it out!

  10. My original list was eighty songs long! Had to do an honorable mention.
    Thanks for participating.

  11. Great grouping of songs. I need to get Jennifer's cd.

  12. Love your selection, only a few I don't know.

  13. What of Eminem and Snoop Dogg and Taylor Swift and DMX,well yhur list is just full of 70's,ok oh,dear

  14. your list is old school which is great because that was real music right there, from the heart that was, as opposed to current stuff where artists adapt their personas to be more commercial. I have a mum who was and still is passionate about music and most of the artists u mentioned, i grew up listening to.i remember a michael learns to rock sing-along DVD my mum had that we'd play some nights before i went to bed (good times). I have developed my own taste in music (mostly soft rock, RnB and alternative) but when i need that feeling of familiarity, old school is the way to go.Great list, you have put me in the mood for some righteous brothers, i have a playlist specifically for them on my laptop. and is it me or does it sound like the mercy by duffy beats was sampled from the righteous brothers stand by me? sigh, i'm beginning to ramble.
    P.S, give me air and a good book, i can go without food lol.

  15. Numbers 3,5, 7 and 10 are the only songs included that i have had the pleasure of listening.

    Whitney Houston's song remains dear to my heart, due to the fact that it provided the frame for a relationship between and ex and I.

  16. Hey there Myne,
    Love this list - my vote for the best though is MJ's Man In The Mirror. My kids listen to it often and I love it!
    Lovely to visit your site and thank you for recently sharing my post about The Queensland Floods on twitter. Your support is appreciated!

  17. I lovvvvvve Aerosmith's song. You should hear me singing it, tryna sound all rock star ish. Sad thing, I tell you.

    P.S. Can you please allow people with name/url to leave comments too! I'm no longer on blogger. Hate leaving comments with my blogger id :-(

  18. I'm loving 1, 4 and 6.

    However, my music taste is quite random:

    I like rock - ACDC, Aerosmith, Guns n Roses etc

    Love old soul - Aretha Franklin, Smokey Robinson, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye etc

    Love 70's folk - Simon and Garfunkel (esp. 'Bridge over Troubled Water) & Mama and Papas (esp. California Dreaming)

    Love Rap/Hip-hop - Dr Dre, Snoop and Biggie Smalls

  19. Wow, you've got the love songs down to T. Unbreak My Heart is achingly beautiful.

  20. This is a classic list of songs. Sounds like a playlist from American Idol. Every song is a winner.

    Make sure you check my Wednesday post!
    Tossing It Out

  21. i like that righteous brothers is on the list.

  22. What a great selection you have!! I love the mix!

  23. Thanks for all the comments, it's so hard doing a top ten, so many of my favorite songs also got left out.

  24. It *was* hard choosing ten! I like a lot of these songs too [s]


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