Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Loneliness (Poem)

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SO I am plotting my next next book and I can already see the heroine, which is a good thing. But I don't know whether I'm ready to write her. This is the poem she inspired in me, not as upbeat as my usual. Probably she's also older and has seen the world. Hmmm...maybe that would not be so bad, someone with a varied experience should make an interesting character. Anyway, enjoy...


I am so very lonely
The cold gets to my bones
I am solitary and alone
There are no real friends
I don’t need a crowd
Just someone to fulfill me
I feel so deep and empty
The hollowness is killing me

Thus I sit and wait
But time waits for no one
As the clock ticks the hours
And days and weeks go by
The crescent moon waxes and wanes
And the years roll away
Like palm fronds waving at the sky
My arms are wide open


  1. I getting excited already! Can't wait to read about her!!! Wonder why she's so lonely...

  2. Wow,can't wait to read the story,that poem reminds me of someone I know.I know this is going to be muah

  3. Sounds like her life is a treasure pot of stories waiting to be told...almost like she's lived a very full yet hollow life.....Cant wait Myne :)

  4. There will be more.
    That poem speaks of despondency and then hope. A little light of hope, but hope no doubt.
    Nice going Myne.
    You know you Fly!

  5. ....strong powerful poem, love it, no more stories this reading the stories too.

  6. Thanks, I'm beginning to feel excited too.

    @YNC, the stories are coming soon. Once GOTP is out and on sale!

  7. Hi, Myne

    I know that feeling of waiting for a bit before writing characters. Sometimes it takes a while for them to reveal their thoughts and desires. Deep yearning, past disappointment, and loneliness came to mind after reading your poem. Good luck with writing this baby!

  8. All the best with your next book and the next next one, Myne!

  9. All the best with your new book

    Loving the poem - I really feel sorry for the girl.

    However, as I'm a cynical romantic, when I do finish the poem, I feel like telling her ....:
    'mmmm so your arms are open wide eh? Okay oh....I hope he's worth it in the end!' LOL

  10. I love the line about the palm fronds :-)

  11. Oh my oh my oh my!
    Look at all the stuff that has happened while I was gone! Look at this website! You have a book! Wow wow wow! Sorry this must look childish but I can't help but be excited. Congratulations first and foremost. I am a little confused because it seems that many blogs have changed names and also the bloggers have changed names..not you though. I love the poem - a lot. It really speaks out to me, esp with the difficulties I am going through at the moment. I am going to have to check your book out very soon!

  12. Thanks all, I appreciate the good wishes.

    @Naijamum, Oh ye of little faith! Why are you so cynical? LOL..

    @Adaeze, Thank you so much dearie and welcome back! How are you doing?

  13. Beautiful poem! I like the line, "But time waits for no one." Boy, do I know that. Good luck with your next book!

  14. Starting on here first?

    - LDP

  15. Thanks for the comments.

    @LDP, yes! IT'll be starting here first.

  16. I am always a sucker for a good romance novel, so I can't wait..I wonder what her story will be..


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