Thursday, December 9, 2010

Meeting some bloggers - Offline to Online

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Hey everyone. Hope the week has been going well so far? I am presently at the Garden City Literary Festival and it has been a pleasure and privilege to meet such authors as Helon Habila (I took his writing workshop), Adaobi Nwaubani, Zainab Jallo, Adaobi Ezeigbo, and a few publishers too. The interactive session on Social Media and Publishing which I facilitated went very well and the attendance at all the events has been very impressive. I have learnt a lot and have a very good grasp of what's happening. We meet the great Wole Soyinka tomorrow. Can you feel my excitement? LOL...

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures I took at some of the events I had in Lagos. In them, you'll see me with people I'd only previously known online. It's always interesting making these transitions, especially for those whom you had not seen their pictures before meeting them. For most of then, due to facebook, I had seen their pictures previously. For two or three though, they broke the anonymity screen and for that I'm grateful. Enjoy...

Mandy Ojugbana - Facebook

Seye Kuyinu - Blogger

Wise Sage - Blogger

Femi Segun - Nigeria Village Square

Basola Afolake - Facebook (contributed on Cupid's Risk)

Augustine Ogwo - Naija Stories

Oyindamola Affinih - Facebook (Guest author)

Uche Uwadinachi - Blogger and Facebook (upcoming guest author)

Robert Ekat - Naija Stories

Harry Itie - Blogger