Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Talk - Naija

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I want to apologize first for the inconsistent updates in the past week. Unfortunately it may continue up to next year when I'll return from my Naija trip. The fact is that I have slower internet and less time to browse because I'm spending more time with family and friends. And so, it's really been awesome in Nigeria so far. Seeing the changes, mostly for the better, speaking with people, known and unknown, feeling their optimism, their fears, their anger and their hopes; about the future of the country, reading, politics, etc. Infrastructure still remains a challenge especially in the power sector, road and transport systems and Healthcare.

The forthcoming elections has got people talking, at both state and federal level, I'll see if I can register though I won't be here to vote  since the dates have been postponed from January to April. Still there are passionate debates and more people seem aware of their options and their rights as well as their civic responsibilities. Fashola seems to get the consensus as the best governor in the country and will likely get re-elected. It is possible Goodluck will carry the presidentials but Atiku should not be underestimated too. Uduagha in Delta seems a more contested choice, his major opponent is Ogboru, who is well known, Also, many of his detractors do not like his government's support for Ibori. Again, we shall see.

Reading seems to be on the upswing, but it seems there is a niche and that needs to be expanded by more people being involved in literacy campaigns. The education sector is in shambles, results are abysmal. But how can you pass an exam when you cannot read? The president, I hear is about to launch a nation-wide reading campaign. Some think it is to score political points ahead of the elections, but I'd rather give him the benefit of the doubt for the effort and time he's putting in. Being a leader is not an easy task.

As for the House of rep and Senate, they should be ashamed of themselves, they're not worthy of being leaders. Greeders more like, imagine earning close to 10 million each month while the masses strike while begging for 18,000? And then they call the CBN Governor to apologize for speaking their supposed secret?For shame! I hope Nigerians vote with their legs at the next poll. My only fear is that those who seek to replace these ones are not better. But I ask, what will they do with the money? I heard that TY Danjuma complained recently of not knowing what to do with his amassed wealth. I hope he's not wanting my pity? Pschewww..

On a final note, I love Naija, or as Dora Akunyili will have me say, I love Nigeria.

ps, check back for pictures with some bloggers...