Saturday, August 14, 2010

Picture Weekend - The Animal Shelter

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Hi everyone, thanks so much for making it with me this far, one year into my blogging.


Do any of you have a cat or a dog? I hope you're treating them well sha.

Last weekend, Atala came up with this idea. He's been toying with getting a pet, a dog and a German Shepard in particular. I'm not big on animals living in the house, maybe a hamster or a fish I suggested. Anyway, he decided we go check out the animal shelter and see if any of the animals was calling our name. Calling our names? See me see wahala. OK o, we carried our kaya and went. Thank God none was calling HIS name, as for me, certainly no cat or dog will be calling my name in the forseeable future, lol. But the visit made me think about what brought the animals there in the first place, some even had battle wounds. Pity! At least the Humane Society is taking care of them and there were lots of people there willing to adopt.

Enjoy the pics my people and have a great weekend. Love you guys, Mwah!