Friday, July 23, 2010

Cupid's Risk Series - Free eBook

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So the free eBook compilation of the collaborative and interactive story is now ready.

The Cupid' Risk series was borne out of an idea I came up with in a discussion with my SO. I had read some serial stories on blogville and sometimes wished they could have gone a different way. We wanted to produce a Blogsville Interactive story where the readers were involved and had a say in the direction of the plot. We are all writers, that is why we blog, and many of us can spin a decent tale.

Starting out here on this blog, the interactive story followed the adventures of a 25 year old Iphey who is only 6months gone in her bank job. Her love interest is Chinedu, an engineer with a shady past.

As if the love wahala is not enough, her manager wants to date her and her immediate boss, Funmi is jealous. Meanwhile Iphey's mother is on her neck to get married as the health of her sister's son deteriorates. It turns out that Iphey's missing brother in-law had abandoned his family in dire straits.

A bit of romance and a dash of mystery, with a sprinkling of thriller and action, the readers determined what goes on!

DOWNLOAD THE FREE EBOOK by clicking the link below,