Saturday, July 17, 2010

Picture Saturday - Pacific Science Museum, Seattle

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My infrequent memes again, lol.

So it's summer, that time of the year here when the sun gets to shine. Well, we do too. Below are some of the things I've got up to recently. I was recently re-introduced to the Library and I've been reading more often. Saves me some money and also benefits the authors too. The boy next door was not bad at all. I saw a bit of Zimbabwean history from independence to the early naughties. It ended well for the characters but it won't fill you with joy, as we all know what's still going on there with BOB and Co.

We've also had some trips to the Seattle Centre, the Pacific Science Museum (I am so geeky right? :):)) We got to see the animatronic dinosaurs, the planetarium and the butterfly house. The butterflies were cute and all but I have to say that watching them eat was a bit gross. We saw Toy Story 3 at the IMAX theater and it was so cool. I've been to some other IMAX showings but the one at the Center was massive. Quite an experience. On our way back (me, rookie driver, putting some freeway miles under my belt) Atala took some pictures of Mount Rainer. I love that view, I wish we lived somewhere I could see it everyday. Oh well, enjoy...

Have a lovely weekend people. Mwah!