Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Blogsville Wedding

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The picture above is from my first wedding anniversary.

So I had a few minutes of Deja Vu yesterday while doing my blog rounds. Two posts were one after the other in my blog reader.

1. Freaksho - Siriusly Speaking

2. Sirius - Getting Freaky

The second post had just one word, "Literally", which was linked to the first post. A light bulb went out in my head and I began to smile and then laugh as it clicked. Of course I had to go over to both and offer my congratulations to the newest couple in Blogsville.

Reading their post brought so many memories back to my mind. Atala is also a blogger though we did not meet on blogspot, I was just a reader back then. We met on another Nigerian messageboard as two handles and from friends we got serious and hitched up. Then there was the discussion, should we let the rest of the board know? We both agreed it was only proper and hospitable, as we were both well known handles.

One online friend, a female, almost sussed it out before we were ready to go public and I had to put her off track, lol. I remember some of the comments that followed the announcement. A lot of people thought it was a massive practical joke and it didn't help that our wedding was set for Valentine's day. We invited those who could make it to the events in Nigeria. It was only when we started communicating with those ones off line and sharing details that they accepted it was real. And then they reported back to the others after the wedding which several of them attended at the different venues.

 The first time I spoke with our Verastic here (she also belongs to the messageboard), she still wanted to confirm the news, hahaha. It was fun times for me being the mischief maker that I am. I loved meeting all the faceless commenters, the whole online to offline thing is always interesting to me.

Anyway, congrats again to Sirius and Freaksho and I wish you guys all that a good marriage is.

@CaramelD - You were there! Oya lay down the full gist abeg.

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