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Read Nigerian and win prizes -

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Since my book, A Heart to Mend was published, I have had several interviews and articles done. In most of them, I am usually asked who my best/favorite writer or book is. I have read a lot of books and so this is a difficult question. The topic also came up in some other forums and I thought of how I could make it worth my while to find out the answer from a large group of people.

Now seeing that my book is set in Lagos, Nigeria and seeing that I manage a website for Nigerian writers, I decided to make it Nigerian themed event. After brainstorming with Atala, we decided to open it up to sponsors and what do you know? Three of the major publishing houses in Nigeria were very interested in the idea and agreed to support us with lots of free books.

My purpose in running this particular contest is to encourage and inspire everyone to read more Nigerian books. The partners (Farafina Books, Cassava Republic and Dada Books) are publishers in the business of making available and promoting books written by Nigerians, and about Nigeria or Nigerians, all around the world. Naija Stories is about reading and writing Nigerian stories and encouraging aspiring writers.

We all want you to, whatever your choice of books, read Nigerian and read a lot.

Read the classics - Things Fall Apart (Chinua Achebe), The PalmWine Drinkard (Amos Tutuola), Jagua Nana (Cyprian Ekwensi), The Bride Price (Buchi Emecheta).

Read history - Ovonramwen Nogbaisi (Ola Rotimi), memoirs and biographies, Ake (Wole Soyinka), On a Darkling Plain (Ken Saro Wiwa).

Read contemporary fiction - Purple Hibiscus (Chimamanda Adichie), Unbridled (Jude Dibia), Zahrah the Windseeker (Nnedi Okoroafor), In Dependence (Sarah Manyika), Abyssinian Boy (Onyeka Nwelue).

Read popular books - To Saint Patrick (Eghosa Imaseun), A Heart to Mend (Myne Whitman), I do not come to you by Chance (Adaobi Nwaubani) Eko Dialogue (Joy Bewaji), Fuelling the Delta Fires (Ayo Akinfe).

Dates for Contest: The contest opens July 5th and submissions end on July 16th. The winner will be announced by August 1st.

Prizes : The main prize is $50 cash OR Two (2) Nigerian books* of their choice shipped to them wherever they are. (*Costs including postage must not exceed $50). In addition, for contestants resident in Nigeria there will be 30 consolation prizes of free books.

To take part go to Naija Stories. For updates and other writing or book review announcements, join Naija Stories and our partners on Facebook;

A new feature of the Naija Stories website is the Naija Stories Store. Naija Stories is an Amazon Associate and will receive a small percentage of the purchase price. This will be used to support the site and contributing writers. The titles we have listed will remind you of the books you have forgotten or those you are yet to read. We encourage you to browse through the 40 selected books and click on the similar books links for so much more. Nigeria has talented writers and great books. Please support and encourage them by buying their books.

To circulate this information, you can copy the flyer and circulate through your channels.

Thank you.