Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More New York pictures + Inspiration for Change

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The pics from top to bottom.

1. Moi! It was so hot in NY, with me being used to the tame NorthWest weather
2. Statue of Liberty. In her majestic glory. Don't ask how much she weighs please. And never ask a lady her age too. As our tour guide said.
3. Times Square at Night. Yeah we went to see a play, but not FELA! unfortunately. It was overbooked.
4. The World Trade Center Building Site. Some people are not happy that so little progress has been made in almost 10 years.
5. At one of the readings. Not one of my best shots I agree. But you can listen to the reading here. I read the part from A Heart to Mend where Edward and Gladys are introduced, hehehe...
6. Moi with the lady in the water on our Hudson River cruise. It was nice, stretching the feet and letting the breeze waft by.
7. With the Financial District Bull around Wall Street (I think)
8. On the pier behind the World Financial Center. We had dinner there on one of the evenings. (Thanks Ego du Jour!)
9. The guy painted that in about 5mins give or take. I thought that was impressive. I got a video of it but it seems blogger does not allow uplaoads anymore :(:(
10. Tired after some major sightseeing but it was worth it. We found this little cool garden with a waterful. And there was wifi too, yipeee. Atala is the internet junkie not me, *insert evil laugh here*...


INSPIRATION FOR CHANGE is a series of life-transforming events inspired by the novel, 'Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman!'

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