Monday, June 7, 2010

Nigerian Blog of the Year

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I am a writer but events like this make one short of words really, lol...

I spread the word out, I hoped, I kept my fingers crossed and I voted for myself and others. But today, it took me by surprise. I really didn't imagine that I would win ALL of the categories I was nominated for. Maybe one or two, but to also win the Nigerian Blog of the year when there were older and more established and versatile blogs out there? I certainly did not expect that.

So diafore, I want to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone that voted for me at the Nigerian Blog Awards. More than that, I really appreciate you and the support all along in this blogging and writing journey. It has been awesome having the Naija Blogs community on my side.

- Thanks to all those who contributed to, read and enjoyed the Cupid's Risk Series and Naija Stories. You are the U in the Group, and there would be no collabos without you.

- Thanks to all those who have read chapter one of my book on Freado,  who have seen the book trailer video on Youtube, who are fans on Facebook and who follow me on Twitter. You are my social media backbone.

- Thanks to all those who have visited my website, the A Heart to Mend Blog, and who follow and read the this blog, your comments, feedback and encouragement of my writing has made it all more than worthwhile.

These awards are just another feather in our collective cap. I couldn't have done it without you all. I hope we can all continue to be there for each other, I will continue to do my best.

Below is the acknowledgement on the US edition of the story that launched this blog and started it all...the story of Gladys and Edward; A Heart to Mend

The following people were very helpful in bringing this book to fruition;

Everyone in the Eastside Writers Meetup Group in Seattle Washington, who read excerpts and gave generous feedback.
All the readers of my blog;, for their comments and encouragement.
Webround, the first blogger who took an interest. For clear eyes and ever-judicious pointers and advice.
The amazing ttlola, Neefemi, Fabulo-la, Histreasure, Azazel, Nice Anon, Leggy, and Tisha, for copyediting and proofreading at no charge. You are all stars.
All my family and in-laws, far and near, for your patience with me, your unwavering love and your support.
Finally and chiefly, thank you to A... My cheerleader, first reader, collaborator, beloved mastermind and husband. I love you.

Permit me to repeat these acknowledgements. We have done it once again.

ps...yes there will be freebies, lol. Watch out!