Sunday, May 30, 2010

Naija Blog Awards

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So how do I start this post, lol...

Like most of you know, Myne Whitman has been nominated for four categories at the ongoing Nigerian Blog Awards. I am thrilled and humbled at the same time as a bit worried. It shows that you guys appreciate what I am doing here and motivates me to do more. On that not I say, thank you all so much, especially to those that nominated my blog. And to all of you that come around here, read, feedback and follow, I really appreciate you all. I am worried of the expectations that may follow but WTH, right?

Now this voting is going to be a difficult one for me. Why? As you can see below, I am up with some of the people I admire and are friends with here on blogger. In fact I am up with the NAIJASTORIES - the story sharing site I manage so what to do? I am also not very competitive so I am tempted to say go and vote for the others. BUT! When people like Vera have declared me an enemy, what choice do I have eh? LOL. Abeg go and vote for me now now. Yes I mean now, lol.

Finally, lets give it up for the organizers of the awards. Fronted by Good Naija Girl. The Nigerian Blog Awards is a great way to build our community of naija blogsville. All the blogs you ever wished you knew are listed on there from A - Z. For a blogger junkie like me, you now know where I found you from. So no matter who you vote for, (me, me, me!) lets make this a success by turning out en masse (yeah, yeah yeah, this is not the 2011 Nigerian elections.) I know but it's still cool to vote. Voting has started so go go go>>>>>>

So these are the categories, and even before I forget, vote Naija Stories for Best Collabo. Myne Whitman Writes is not really a group blog even though Atala likes to think otherwise, he's my partner in crime everywhere, lol.

  1. Best Group or Collaborative Blog